A New Game For Train Nerds

It's been a long time since games like Railroad Tycoon and Sid Meier's Railroads! were popular, so Railway Empire is here to give fans something a bit newer.

I had a quick play of the game last week and it's fun! It's very similar to Sid Meier's Railroads!, and some of the menu design is a bit janky, but if you liked old games about building vast rail networks, this is a new game about doing the same thing that works just fine.

It's out now on PC. Here's a tip for anyone picking it up: learn how to use signals, a fundamental part of the game that is very easy to mess up.


    In hearing good things about the game except that the AI cheats like crazy and their trains can basically ghost-shift through each other on the same track while you have to build and plan around such mundane issues such as realism. Might wait for them to fix that one first.

      I was a huge fan of TTD, and when I caught wind of this it was almost an instabuy, but when I read about the AI, it just really put me off, even though reviews were generally positive. I think I will wait and see on this one too. It’s also US$50

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