Yup, That's PUBG On A Switch

GIF: Rainway via YouTube

Here's the appearance of PUBG on a Switch. But not because it's being officially ported - it's supposedly possible thanks to a new service that lets you stream games from a PC to any phone or console, including the Switch.

The program, which was first announced last year, is called Rainway. A web client will launch on January 20 (internationally), with native apps planned for all platforms down the road.

The idea, according to the official site, is to stream all your games to any device you choose. It'll also work on "all modern hardware", with AMD, NVIDIA and Intel chips supported at launch. Users won't have to fuss around with port forwarding, and there'll be controls to customise bitrate, resolution and frame rate, as well as the option to upscale or downscale gameplay.

One advantage Rainway has over, say, a Steam Link or existing streaming services is the ability to detect and stream games outside of specific platforms. In a post on the official dev blog, the creators wrote that their game analysis engine (called Mist) could detect current-day titles "but also ROMs dating all the way to the 70s".

Mist’s streamlined heuristics engine can locate known game installations quickly and piggyback on those results to find even more games. Once a game has been found, we extract metadata on it to help us identify it in our systems, which allows us to do everything from metadata populating to game optimizations. We can do this because our analysis engine is capable of identifying which DRM is applied to the game, what game engine suite was used to create the title and even apply patches to the game to help skip intros and force things to start faster.

The engine did supposedly run into problems with expansions, like StarCraft 2, and the standalone Far Cry: Blood Dragon, although the team modified the search process as a result.

While the beta won't kick off until next weekend Australian time, the official Twitter account also published a video of the setup process. It shows users being given a simple prompt to select their streaming quality, followed by logging into their Steam account through a pop-up.

A key drawcard, of course, will be whether Rainway can stream PC games to the Switch. The developers last year talked about bringing a native app to Nintendo's platform, although it would be accessible via the browser whenever Nintendo makes one available.

That said, the technology appears to work. The official account already has still shots of Cuphead on the Switch:

As well as Civilization 6:

And Half-Life 2:

And Dark Souls 3 running through a web browser:

Of course, it's all for naught if the streaming tech turns to mush in the real world. For now, the plan is to target mobile platforms shortly after the web launch, followed by the Xbox One, and everything else afterwards.


    Oh man, if they can make this work for streaming your own games etc. to the Switch then I would be so excited.

    Can it stream Netflix :)

      That's the idea - the app does a quick scan of your system to see what games are on it, and then it handles the networking side so it can stream those games direct to your device of choice.

      How good the streaming quality will be ... well, we'll see. But the point is to be platform-agnostic, so it won't be just limited to Origin/Steam etc.

        That sounds awesome.
        I wonder if I can play all my old Atari 800 games via a PC emulator on my Switch :
        I'm down for this, even if I can just stream PC games with decent latency, I'm no pro gamer so it wouldn't have to be perfect, but there are a lot of PC games I'd buy if I could play them on a handheld.

    It'll also work on "all modern hardware

    How modern? Will my Vita have a real use now?

    Was literally thinking about this this morning as I was contemplating if Nintendo Switch had matured enough for me yet; if a feature like this existed it'd be a big yes.

    Don't see the point for a Switch, as what you want to do is taking it outside. Though that makes me wonder if a possibility for gaming in the future is a portable PC "box" that streams games to a screen-controller like the Switch.

    wow cant wait to try it out in 30 years when our Australian internet maybe able to handle it.

    streaming it not the future, becuase it rely on HEAVY internet useage, try something new.

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