Age Of Empires Sails Out On February 20

Age Of Empires Sails Out On February 20

After being delayed from its initial 2017 launch, Microsoft has confirmed this morning that Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will be released on PC on February 20.

The re-release of the ancient RTS classic was due out October 19, but the game was delayed shortly before launch. The studio ended up refunding pre-orders in November, giving free copies of Rise of Nations: Extended Edition to users.

In a post on the Xbox Wire, Age of Empires creative direction Adam Isgreen wrote that the game will be available on “Windows 10 PCs at $US19.99”. Apart from the usual bells and whistles in a remaster, the game will also have an enhanced scenario and campaign editor, while LAN/online play will be handled through Windows’ Xbox Live networking.

The AOE1 multiplayer beta is being opened up to all users from January 29, it was announced. There’s also an in-game tech tree this time, which is a lifesaver if you can’t remember where you put your original copy. Then again, it’s been 21 years.


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