Amazon Kills Unpopular Anime Strike Service

Anime Strike

After just a year, Amazon has gutted its hard-to-love anime service Anime Strike, rolling the dozens of anime shows and movies Anime Strike offered into Amazon Prime's general offerings.

Reached for comment, an Amazon representative told Kotaku, "We have decided to move the curated catalogues of Anime Strike and [Bollywood channel] Heera into Prime Video so that more customers can enjoy this content as part of their Prime membership."

Anime Strike, which launched early 2016, won licensing rights to much of 2016's best titles like Inuyashiki, Princess Principal and Made In Abyss. It gave fans another option aside from anime-centric services like Funimation and Crunchyroll and bigger streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu — and a well-curated option at that.

Recently, fans noticed that Anime Strike's Twitter account disappeared, and that, although its website is still up, its "Exclusives" section is empty. Anime titles that had previously been $US4.99 ($6) are now free with Amazon Prime.

Anime Strike had a lot of issues of its own. Its ticket price was $US60 ($76) a year ($US5 ($6) a month) on top of a $US99 ($126)-yearly Amazon Prime subscription — a double paywall. Typing an anime title into Amazon's search bar often meant wading through related manga, t-shirts and soundtracks before happening upon its Anime Strike entry. It was also only available in America, whereas Prime Video is available in Australia.

Anime fans are celebrating Amime Strike's rollback, and questioning why they had to suffer a double-paywall to watch anime on Amazon in the fist place.


    Finally, please don't do that again Amazon.

    Does this mean Anime Strike titles will end up on Amazon Prime Video in Australia? I would shell out for a month or two of Amazon Prime Video just to watch a couple of those exclusives.

    Honestly I find the way amazon integrates its video service with its online store pretty confusing.

      Their entire anime catalog has been available in Australia without Anime Strike the entire time - it's one of those very rare cases where Australian's *don't* get screwed.

        Really?? When I would read about one of these exclusives that said it was on Anime Strike, I would google Anime Strike Australia, see that it wasn't an offering on their Australian streaming service, and go oh well, guess I can't have nice things. And I was going on Amazon's official sites to try and find this info.

        If I had known that I probably would have paid for Amazon Prime Video much sooner?? Way to completely fail to communicate what your service offers, Amazon...

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