Now Here's A Real Pretty Part Of Monster Hunter World

Remember all the neon colours and glowing wildlife of James Cameron's Avatar? As it turns out, there's a section in Monster Hunter World that could fit right in.

The latest section of the game comes from one of the game's more vibrant areas, the Coral Highlands. It's basically full of steep cliffs where hunters dive down for the various flora, fauna, and various monsters that live nearby.

One cool feature of the region is the ability to basically hitch a ride from wingdrakes, although it's a lengthy animation and easily cancelled by other nearby beasts.

The next Monster Hunter World beta kicks off for PS4 users from January 19 to 21 (internationally). The full release hits consoles on January 26, with a PC release in the second half of the year.


    So ready for this. Side thought, I was always upset that Capcom decided against localising Monster Hunter XX for the switch outside of Japan. Silly execs trying to predict where the market will go and failing dismally.

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