Assassin’s Creed Assassins, Ranked

Assassin’s Creed Assassins, Ranked

While some assassins are fun and sexy chaps, others are dour bums who can’t jump off walls properly.

Here, with minimal fanfare and no explanation given, is a definitive ranking of all of Ubisoft’s main assassins.

16. Connor

15. Altair

14. Arno

13. Arbaaz Mir

12. Nikolai

11. Shao Jun

10. Aveline

9. Lydia

8. Jacob

7. Shay

6. Adéwalé

5. Edward

4. Aya

3. Bayek

2. Evie

1. Ezio

Remember, this list is definitive.


  • I know you aren’t being serious with the word “definitive”, but I do not like that Ezio is first and Altaïr is next to last. It seems that with every “ranked assassins” list I see you have to be a dick to be near the top and layered to be near the bottom.

    • Altair has very little depth in the original game. Hes basically the overpowered god character whos miffed he has to do stuff without his gear for a bit.

      The bloody guys at each hideout got more layers then him.

      • That doesn’t even make any sense. There are so many assassins on here I didn’t even know existed. Altair was the first we knew of and he started the franchise. And I still don’t see the hype about Ezio. He’s not bad, but what’s the “best” about him?

        • Because Ezio is charismatic, hes somehow amazing. Frankly none of the protagonists got anything on Edward. Blatantly best written protagonist.

  • I’d have agreed with Altair being that low until you see him in Revelations; he gets considerably more badass in his old age.

  • I’m enjoying Bayek, but you have to keep the beard. He isn’t particularly nuanced though.

    I love Aya, and really like the scenes with both of them together.

    Haven’t finished Origins yet, but I can see Aya getting her own game, either DLC or expandalone.

    • Yeah, I was pretty interested in Aya initially.

      But now I’ve seen too much and no longer like Aya. Can’t agree with her being so high on the list any more, and don’t want any more content with her in it.

  • Yeah, Altair wasn’t that bad, and Edward was a fun guy, but I’d rank Bayek even higher. Probably part of the reason I love Origins so much.

    Ezio was good. He also had a trilogy of games to allow a good character arc.

  • Evie is second? Shes like, the major low point of Syndicate. Nothing but overly serious about fancy crap she doesnt even know exist.

    The only time shes actually as enjoyable as Jacob is when the writers wrote her as Jacob, such as the end of the opening mission. Shes always out of character when shes enjoyable.

    Still, their both pretty bad. Syndicate is probably the worst AC IMO.

    • That saying “To each their own” is such a true thing. I really enjoyed Syndicate, though that could be because I went into it with low expectations after Unity.

      I also really liked Evie. She tried to pull off this serious and grown-up demeanour, but underneath she was brattish and rather immature. It’s a shame she didn’t have as many great moments as Jacob did with Attaway & Roth.

  • Desmond is an assasin too right? Shouldn’t he be on the list? Or are we limiting the list to only past lives? In any case he would probably be somewhere mid-low on the list anyway. Connor as worst I can definitely stand by

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