Battlefront 2 Will Bring Back Microtransactions 'In The Next Few Months'

Image: Kotaku / Battlefront 2

When EA and DICE announced that they were freezing the sale of loot boxes in Star Wars: Battlefront 2 a day before its full release, there was always a caveat: one day, the loot boxes would be back. And in a chat with the Wall Street Journal, EA's chief finance officer has confirmed that day is not far away.

According to the Wall Street Journal's Sarah Needleman, EA's Blake Jorgensen has confirmed that Battlefront 2 will reintroduce microtransactions "in the next few months". In a snippet posted online (as the WSJ is typically paywalled), Jorgensen said DICE and EA would enable the microtransactions "when we think it's ready" but didn't specify if any changes had, or would, be made from what was seen before launch.

The controversy around loot boxes, and Battlefront 2's implementation in particular, kicked off a conversation amongst legislators around the world. While many regulators and industry analysts found that loot boxes didn't fall under the definition of gambling, such as New Zealand's Gambling Compliance agency and the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation's Robert Grimmond in Queensland, it still started the conversation.

And according to Jorgensen, that conversation and controversy had an effect on sales. EA forecasted Battlefront 2 to sell a "conservative" 10 million copies for the Christmas quarter, but the Star Wars sequel sold only approximately 7 million copies instead. 28% of those copies, Needleman later confirmed, were sold digitally.


    Cool EA, awesome. Best of luck and everything. FYI I’m not buying your “game”.

    EA can get stuffed. #savethewhales

    Seems like such convulted thinking. Oh hey the game didn't sell very well because of micro transactions , let's fix it by adding micro transactions...

    Im sure the 5 people still playing the game will care.

    it seems the article is implying EA is reimplementing micro transactions because the game didn't meet sales expectations ?

    that makes no sense heh

      Assuming of course EA has ever tried to make sense with their buisness decisions.

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