Battlegrounds Kill So Good, Even PlayerUnknown Shared It

Sometimes, when you die in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, you've just gotta laugh. If you're really lucky, PlayerUnknown himself might decide to laugh about it with you.

PUBG player lolbeetlejuice posted an incredible clip in which they lobbed a grenade in the general direction of an enemy, only for that grenade to launch the enemy, shotgun aloft, directly at lolbeetlejuice's exposed cranium. Milliseconds later, it was over, with lolbeetlejuice the wildly improbable loser of the exchange.

"I wouldn't even be mad," tweeted PUBG creator Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene, sharing the video. If there's anything tastier than chicken dinner, it's senpai noticing you.


    You wouldn't be mad that a grenande in your game doesn't work as it should?

    hmm, yeah, his grenade launches enemy with a shotgun directly at his face. Time to uninstall.

    Last edited 20/01/18 3:08 pm

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