Behold, Japan's Newest Giant Mecha 

After six years, Japan's Sakakibara Machinery Works Co. has unveiled its newest giant mecha.

[GIF: sakakibara]

Back in 2005, the company rolled out a mecha called the Landwalker, which could be piloted and fired tennis balls. It followed that up with a $US20,000 ($24,726) mecha for kids. Now, Sakakibara has introduced its latest creation: LW-Mononofu.

[Image: Sakakibara]

It's 8.5m tall and weighs 7400kg.

According to Yahoo! Japan, the company spent six years developing this project.

The LW-Mononofu is aimed at those who grew up watching Mobile Suit Gundam and is available to rent for events or to save the universe.


    Dang, that is awesome!

    It looks like a giant Rick Dom, seen in most of the Gundam series.

    wow, look at the size of that warehouse


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