Behold The Deadliest Crate In All Of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Behold The Deadliest Crate In All Of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Winning in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sometimes means playing dirty and hiding until the right moment. Originally, I used shrubbery and plants as my secret weapon, but the new desert map of Miramar features another devious hiding spot behind a very specific kind of crate.

I spent last Friday night playing Battlegrounds late into the evening, starting with some less-than-fortunate solo matches before moving on to duos with a friend. Our initial matches went well but often devolved into urban combat full of dangerous choke points and blind angles.

Heading into a new match, we were determined to win, even if we had to resort to whatever tricks were at our disposal. We leapfrogged from building to building, sniping enemies and taking things slow. As the circle closed towards the final ten players, my teammate was shot in an ambush. I rushed towards the center of the play area, hiding in the corner of a blown-out garage behind a very large crate located in this specific building type.

When I was first exploring Miramar on Battlegrounds’ test servers, I discovered that it was possible to climb these crates and rest in a small nook behind them. It’s a tactic that wouldn’t have been possible in the game’s earlier iterations because you couldn’t climb objects.

With the addition of vaulting, it’s easy to scramble over the crate and hide in the small nook behind it. Since it’s such a small and constricted area, enemy players seldom bother to look and see if anyone’s hiding there.

As the first pair of enemies entered, I wondered if I had made a mistake. In order to attack them, I would need climb the box, which meant precious seconds in which I’d be unable to fight back. But I was able to climb up, shoot both players to death, and hop back down behind the box.

I did this two more times against the remaining players, none of whom seemed to be on the lookout for a deadly box wombat with an M4. As the final foe fell, my hands were literally numb from excitement. The unedited footage didn’t capture my own screams of disbelief but you can still hear my partner’s utter bafflement.

I’m sharing my secret hiding spot with you all even if it means it’s no longer a secret. If you happen to find yourself in a tight spot, consider ducking behind one of these boxes. And if you’re not going to do that, maybe consider throwing a grenade behind them in order to avoid a humiliating defeat.

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