Blizzard Made A Little Anime, And It's Great

Heroes of the Storm is getting a skin pack that turns everyone into mecha. Which gave Blizzard the perfect excuse to ditch the lavish 3D cinematic clips it's known for and make an anime instead.

Tyrael, Rehgar and Abathur are getting the skins, but really, we're here for the video:

Now that StarCraft 2 has run its course, if StarCraft 3 wants to take this approach, that would be fine.


    They did a cartoon short for halloween last year as well.

    As a giant robot fan....there was no spirit in that. What good is a giant robot without a fiery spirit?! The battle cry, yelling your attack out at the top of your lungs! There was nothing.

      Yep... key ingredient is screaming your attack move, cos the enemy definitely needs to hear what move you pulling out, even though they can never counter it. G Gundam's SHINING FINNNNGGGAAAAA... and i laugh when Gao gai gar would scream Hell and Heaven, HERU ANDO HEBEN~~~~

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