Blizzard Nerfs Mercy’s Rez

Blizzard Nerfs Mercy’s Rez

After weeks on Overwatch‘s public test realm, Blizzard’s big Mercy nerf has gone live.

The controversial set of changes centres around the effect Mercy’s ult, Valkyrie, had on her resurrect ability. Previously, Valkyrie took away resurrect’s cast time. Now it doesn’t. It also granted a bonus resurrect. It doesn’t do that any more either. In addition, the speed boost Guardian Angel gets from Valkyrie has been dropped by 50 per cent, and Valkyrie now only lasts 15 seconds instead of 20.

The Overwatch team explained that while they have already nerfed Mercy some, they felt that her ult still made her too powerful.

“Mercy’s recent Resurrect changes have helped in allowing enemies to have more counter play in dealing with her,” they wrote, “but she was able to use Resurrect through Valkyrie enough to largely mitigate the impact of the previous changes.”


  • Mercy Main: Did you ever hear the tragedy of Angela Ziegler?

    New Overwatch Player: No?

    Mercy Main: I thought not. It’s not a story Jeff Kaplan would tell you. It’s an Overwatch legend. Mercy was the highest picked support, so powerful and so wise she could use Resurrect to influence an Overwatch round to create life… She had such a knowledge of the support side, she could even keep the ones she cared about from dying.

    New Player: She could actually save people from death?

    Mercy Main: Resurrection is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural in a FPS MOBA.

    New Player: What happened to her?

    Mercy: She became so powerful… the only thing Jeff Kaplan cared about was upsetting DPS mains, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, nerfed her into the ground, then the DPS mains rejoiced. Ironic. She could save others from death, but not herself.

  • It’s very annoying playing support seriously in overwatch and it’s mainly because of Mercy.
    Every time they make any kind of change to her she either becomes compulsary to a comp team or a terrible pick. It doesn’t feel like any other category of heroe gets messed up near as much.

    • And that’s solely because rez has no place in this type of game. I honestly feel she should lose rez entirely and replaced by something else, but I don’t think that’ll ever happen.

      • I disagree. Her rez is one of the things that make this game stand out from every other FPS and the other support heroes.

        • But Rez was annoying to play against as an Ult, and caused many Mercy players to play the hide and go rez game style to take full advantage of it. Blizzard even said they didnt like how it was being used.

          So now, they’ve made it an ability which is worse, because it’s now a 30s tempo rez which is much more valuable. It basically means every teamfight, the team/s with a Mercy get an extra life…

          At the end of the day, whether you like the concept or not, its a pain in the ass clearly to balance.

          • When they made her rez an ability they also changed the cast time from zero to almost 2 seconds, meaning if you’re Mercy, trying to resurrect someone means usually you either die while bringing them back, die and bring them back, or for some reason it will fail for no reason. While her ult did need some scaling back, I think they’ve gone too far.

            There are plenty of ults which are a pain in the ass to balance but they keep that’s what keeps the game interesting.

  • That’s a pretty big nerf. One or two of the changes could have been okay but now her ult doesn’t really seem do a lot.

    Should have left the ult rez as instant or removed instant rez and allowed a second.

    • Incorrect. She still has flight, chain healing/damage boost, ridiculous regen during her ult, as well has a tiny ass hitbox.

      It’s still pretty powerful, just that she’s now not ridiculously OP. Also fits with Blizzards concept for her which is to take the focus of her character off Rez.

  • I’m actually fine with most of that nerf but they could have at least left her with one instant rez. Her ult is now useless. Now please nerf Junkrat

    • Not only is her ult not useless now (she still has chain healing/damage boost still + Regen + flight) the changes are great because it takes the focus off Rez, which was the whole point of the changes in the first place.

      Also, they have nerfed Junkrat, but unlike every other dumb as shit change Blizzard has made, it’s an incremental baby steps change and not a full “Lets throw Junk in the trunk” change…

      • They could have left her one instant rez though while reducing flight time and speed during Valkyrie mode.

        I did see they’ve nerfed Junk rat after I wrote that. About time! He’s the one that still needs more nerfs though. The buffs he got before that were unnecessary.

  • Her rez was in a good place, they should have left it. Tired of all these people saying she doesn’t fit in with this type of game… you’re wrong, it suits Overwatch just fine. maybe you’re just playing the wrong type of game.

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