Building A Lego Ship In A Bottle Seems Pretty Easy

Building A Lego Ship In A Bottle Seems Pretty Easy

Clever artisans have been building bottled boats since the 1800s, using either long-handled tools or folding mast and sail trickery to create striking works of nautical art. Due out in February, the Lego Ideas version is more of a build-a-bottle-around-a-boat deal. Works for me.

The Lego Ideas program gives fan creators a chance to see their dream projects turned into official Lego sets. While the site features countless projects dedicated to licensed fare like The Legend of Zelda, it also hosts outstanding original creative work, like JakeSadovich77‘s original Ship in a Bottle concept.

Jake submitted his gorgeous build back in November of 2016. His version of the bottled flagship Leviathan consists of around 1,800 pieces and measures over 38cm long, 23cm tall and 18cm wide.

The Lego Ideas approved Jake’s concept last year, and then went about trimming it down to a more manageable size.

The official Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle set is 30cm long and a little over 8cm wide and deep. The smaller size allows for a smaller piece count, with only 962 bits to connect together (including more than 280 translucent blue water elements). The asking price of $US69.99 ($90) is certainly much nicer than it would have been had they kept the original scale.

Even with the shrinkage, the official set manages to pack in some very cool details. The ship’s got printed sails, six cannons, three masts and a crow’s nest. The base features a non-working compass and a lovely nameplate.

My favourite bit has to be the buildable cork, complete with wax seal.

With Lego display area at a premium in my home, I’m always on the lookout for unique sets that demonstrate just how versatile a creative tool the venerable building toys are. I’ve already got a spot picked out for this one.


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