China Has Arrested 120 People For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheats

China Has Arrested 120 People For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Cheats
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In a new report on the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s been revealed that 120 people have been arrested in China in connection to the creation or designing of cheats for PUBG.

The report comes courtesy of Bloomberg, and covers Chinese corporation Tencent’s efforts to crack down on cheating ahead of PUBG‘s official Chinese launch. Tencent, which owns League of Legends developer Riot Games, partnered with Bluehole to release PUBG in China, and the conglomerate even made a takeover offer for PUBG developer Bluehole late last year.

The proliferation of cheats in PUBG has become a huge bone of contention for the community, so much so that players have been fiercely lobbying the developers to segregate or gate Chinese players to their own server to prevent the possibility of hackers interfering in legitimate matches.

It’s something that Tencent are keenly aware of, and they’ve reportedly been working with Chinese police to roundup the designers and creators of cheat software. Around 120 suspects were arrested from January to November last year, and Bloomberg cites that Tencent’s own messaging service is being used to market the software:

As of Tuesday, eight of PUBG’s top 10 players bear names such as “contact QQ574352672,” ironically a private account on Tencent’s own QQ messaging service through which enterprising players can procure cheat software. One vendor offered a 100 yuan ($15) program called “Jue Ying” or extreme shadow that, among other things, obscures players and grants a birds-eye view of the battleground. Another QQ dealer sent notices to customers warning them to “maintain control and keep your kills within 15 people per game,” presumably to avoid detection.

You can read the full report over at Bloomberg. It also notes that Tencent’s making two mobile ports of PUBG. Here’s some gameplay; besides the janky sniper footage, it looks relatively playable.


  • The replay feature is good. I was really suspicious of a guy so I checked it out.

    Killed me firing from the hip at range. Then I watched the crosshair bump up to another player that was marked on the replay god-view, but which he would not have been able to see because a hill was in the way. Okay then.

    Watched his previous kill, exactly the same thing. Every shot perfect then immediately bumped to another distant not visible player.

    Reported the dude.

    • I had a similar thing. Except it was all on the kill cam. He jumped out of a vehicle and immediately killed someone then he immediately targeted and shot me through some shrubs (I wasn’t visible on the kill cam at all!)

  • This kind of stuff makes you feel sorry for the legit players who are automatically branded as cheaters due to their shitty fellow citizens.

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