Community Review: Nintendo Labo

Now that we’ve all had a little time away from the cardboard hype train that Nintendo kicked off last week, it’s time to ask you all: what do you think of the Nintendo Labo?

I was covering proceedings from home (aren’t couriers great), so I didn’t get the luxury of listening to my colleagues’ reaction live. I’m told everyone took the piss in a loving, well natured way, but I don’t know if we’re really the target market for hybrid cardboard toys.

That said, surely anyone can enjoy jumping into a cardboard mecha suit. It’d be a blast for costume parties, provided someone doesn’t spill drinks all over your Switch.

But in general, most of my social feeds seemed pretty excited by what Nintendo was doing. Kids are already growing up having a blast with games like Minecraft, fussing around making their own things. Using the Switch to add a physical element … seems really smart.

Also, it’s hilarious that while Sony and Microsoft are talking up 4K, Nintendo’s releasing actual cardboard on 4/20.

What do you think of the Labo?

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