Community Review: Nintendo Labo

Now that we've all had a little time away from the cardboard hype train that Nintendo kicked off last week, it's time to ask you all: what do you think of the Nintendo Labo?

I was covering proceedings from home (aren't couriers great), so I didn't get the luxury of listening to my colleagues' reaction live. I'm told everyone took the piss in a loving, well natured way, but I don't know if we're really the target market for hybrid cardboard toys.

That said, surely anyone can enjoy jumping into a cardboard mecha suit. It'd be a blast for costume parties, provided someone doesn't spill drinks all over your Switch.

But in general, most of my social feeds seemed pretty excited by what Nintendo was doing. Kids are already growing up having a blast with games like Minecraft, fussing around making their own things. Using the Switch to add a physical element ... seems really smart.

Also, it's hilarious that while Sony and Microsoft are talking up 4K, Nintendo's releasing actual cardboard on 4/20.

What do you think of the Labo?


    I love it. Not for me but when my little bloke gets a bit bigger this will be great fun for us to do together.


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    I'll get some enjoyment out of it, but I'm seeing kids loving it.

    The idea is neat but the execution is flawed and many other smart-device enabled toys do it better. Instead of ham-fisting the joy-cons in and trying to make them be something they aren't Nintendo should instead be focussing on kits that can be synced to your Switch and controlled via an app running on it. (Or even smart devices. There's no need for it to be Switch only.) You could even have advanced kits that come with the ability to create basic programs like the old Technic LEGO serial interfaces.

    There's a great opportunity here for Nintendo but I feel that the way they're currently trying to implement it is going to work against them in the long run.

      Ham fisting? The IR camera on the joy con was put there for this. Yes, the joy cons are not a fishing rod. I should buy a plastic one with it's own rumble, accelerometers and gyro.

      They are smart, holding on to it a year until the console reaches wide acceptance. Did you watch the video? Already shows basic programming too.

    Novel idea, looking forward to giving it a go in April

      Yeah, we'll be picking it up. Looks fun. Be a fun family project. Wife is on board, kids are super duper excited, just like me, haha.

    Love it. Still think the kits are a bit pricey, I realize you get the software with it, but I think it'll be a hard sell to convince non-gaming parents to pay that much for it.

    That said I'll be picking up all the kits on day one. Should be a lot of fun.

    I'm all for it. Finally a recyclable solution to nintendos obsession with peripherals. My only gripe is the price but I'm sure it'll come down with time

      Lol I don’t think Nintendo do has ever dropped the rrp of a first party title

    I'm looking forward to it. I love crafts and gaming, so it's like a perfect combination of the two. It's even better than Lego Dimensions which had me building Lego kits and playing a game at the same time.

    The problem with this will be clutter and how long the cardboard lasts.

    You build your little piano / robot suit / whatever for awhile until the novelty wears off, then you need to stash it somewhere. Cant store it away as its cardboard and could get crushed so it would have to sit up on a shelf somewhere taking space.

    Also how long is this stuff meant to last for, that robot suit looked like it would take a pounding, a rigorous play session would probably ruin the thing.

    Should be made out of some sort of recyclable plastic like the Australia post bins are made out of.

      Frak! I didn't even think about the clutter aspect. I just thought the ease with which stuff like this would get destroyed made it a bit of a hard pass for me. Novel idea though

      being cardboard with tabs and stuff (you aint using glue or tape here) you just flatten it all out again, and if you keep the cardboard sprue then you've got a flat card you can store on a shelf or in a big folder.

    I think it's a clever idea and am interested in how it all works, but I won't be buying it because I can't see it being something I'd spend a lot of time with. But I'm not the target audience anyway.

    I think the general consensus is that it's a great idea, we aren't the target audience and that it is fun to take the piss.

    I think it looks tacky and cheap and like most gimmicky toys like this it will be used a couple of times then thrown in a cupboard and not used again.

    But kudos still to Nintendo for trying something different. I still think though that it would have been a much better idea to use a more durable material the cardboard. Cardboard just makes it look like they are trying to be cheap.

    It's a clever concept but I see it as 3D print fodder. A few bright sparks out there will throw down the cash and build these things and then analyze exactly how they work with the joy cons. And then they will redesign them to be better and stronger in CAD tools and 3D print them. I won't be surprised when more durable, plastic versions of Labo start showing up on Etsy and Thingiverse, nor when Nintendo start sending out C&D's.

    for the price and the target market this is going to be a huge money spinner. selling cardboard to kids for $100? Brilliant.

    not only are the little ones gonna go nuts for this stuff. but they are children, they play rough by their very nature and this is made of cardboard. give it 2 days and it will be ruined.

    Nintendo stands to make quite a bit of money from this.

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    I wonder if there is any sort of coating on it. After working in the paper industry years back I've seen what handling cardboard can do to your hands after a while.

    I don't get the whole argument behind it not lasting or being wasteful.
    It's cardboard, you get the template when you buy it. You trace it out and
    make as many as you want from the outset.

    Soon as it starts wearing, disassemble and trace onto new cardboard.

    It's not like the cardboard has to be Nintendo(tm).

    Not for me but I love the fact that Ninty hasn't allowed themselves to be bullied away from doing this kind of quirky, niche stuff.

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