Crazy Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game Is Actually A Half-Life Mod

Crazy Dragon Ball Z Fighting Game Is Actually A Half-Life Mod

You know how Half-Life is a first-person shooter? Yeah, here’s a mod for it that transforms the game into a third-person Dragon Ball Z fighting game, complete with the series’ trademark insane battle effects.

It’s called Earth’s Special Forces, and I’ve actually written about it before here on Kotaku. But that was five years ago, and the mod has come a long way since. Just look at this:

The mod is still a work in progress, but you can download and try the latest build here. Note that it’s kinda hard to get your head/hands around, so be patient while learning the ropes.


  • ahhh ESF… man thats going back… back when “Bid for Power” (quake 3 DBZ mod) was better 😛
    But i heard many years ago that ESF got better in the later years so might be worth a boot up at our next LAN.

    • Didn’t Bid for Power get C&D’ed, so they basically just replaced all the characters with Quake model equivalents, but someone “accidentally” released a patch that turned them all back into their DBZ counterparts?

  • Man ESF…I first heard about ESF about 15 years ago. That was back when 1.3 was first being developed…and it’s still not finished! I didn’t know you could actually download the latest 1.3 builds, will have to give it a go soon.

  • I played ESF way back in the day when I still played Ricochet, CS1.6 and DOTA. Amusing to hear it is still going

  • Still my favourite DBZ fighting game all these years later, because the energy attacks took strategy and skill to use properly.

  • Bid for power’s graphics were better, but their beams were shit, they just acted like lasers and the whole beam length shifted to whatever you were looking at.

    ESF’s beams were far superior and allowed you to actually guide them in curves and track your opponents.

  • Oh sweet, Bid for Power/ESF!!!

    It’s always annoyed me that Bandai put a stop to BfP and yet was never able to replicate it with the BT series.
    Even now Xenoverse still behind a mod that was around almost 15 years ago, though to be fair it’s evolved in a more stable form.

    Just hire these guys already

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