Dark Souls Remastered Announced, Coming To The Switch

This is, alas, not a picture from the remastered version

Praise the Sun! A fully remastered version of Dark Souls is coming to the Nintendo Switch, allowing fans of the series to die suddenly to Capra Demon while travelling on the subway.

Reports of the remaster swirled this morning and were confirmed during a surprise Nintendo Direct. Dark Souls was first released in 2011 and popularised a new form of punishing action RPG focused on boss fights. The remastered Dark Souls will add a new coat of paint to the land of Lordran and presumably make the Bell Gargoyle's flame breath look even cooler. It will also feature an improved framerate and resolution from the original and come with the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

An announcement for other consoles will likely be coming soon. The remaster is currently slated for release on May 15th, 2018.


    My excuse for not buying a Switch seems flimsier by the day.

      For its first year it's certainly coming out strong and heavy hitting. I'm quite satisfied with my purchase of a Switch.

        I think once the inevitable hardware refresh happens, I'll be in on day one. I'm so desperate to get one, but that money is better spent elsewhere.

          Do you think there will be a refresh?

            It depends if they treat it more like a handheld than a regular console, they refreshed the 3DS around 1 million times if memory serves.

          I'm not sure if Nintendo have ever done a hardware refresh for a home console. I know the Switch is a hybrid, but it's their flagship hardware at the moment so I'm pretty skeptical that there'll ever be any hardware revisions.

    Not gonna lie, I'd rather a Bloodborne remaster.

      Why? It was only released a few years ago and on the PS4 at that, there would be no need for a remaster. If you are talking about a port to Switch, then yes that would be amazing but it would be a no go as BB is PS4 exclusive.

        I don't have a lot of spare time to enjoy my PS4. So if I can play it on my train trips I'm happy. But you're right, Sony won't give it up.

      Everyone would, but Sony has a death grip on it.

        By this you mean Sony own the IP, paid for and published the game.

          Yes. i mean Sony has hold of literally everything to do with the game and its rights. Is this the new grammar nazi shtick or what?

            I was clarifying that death grip means it is their content and that it exists because of Sony.

        I'd rarther Dark Souls 1, Bloodbourne was overated & lite on content plus kinda stupid, Using quicksilver bullets for spells? Gimmicky weaponry which also had a negative effect on Dark Souls 3 by forcing you to use a specific weapon & it's weapon talent to defeat a boss. Not to mention you didn't even need to use the pistols as it was so easy to just attack, Doge & repeat, The chalice dungeons were great & Old Yarnham was really well designed, Blood starved beast is one of my fav souls/Bourn fights because seeing the corpse of another Blood starved beast hanging in the church was very atmospheric, I saw it & went " Omg! I hope i get to fight that scary thing!" Whoa i'm a masochist..

    In 5 years time the switch will get Destiny.

      Hope not, it was a horrible waste of time the first time around.

        Hey if they get Destiny and all its content packs it'll be ok. If it gets vanilla Destiny or Destiny 2 then yeah waste of time

    Worth mentioning; it has also been announced for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One (with the latter two getting some better performance out of the Pro and X consoles, respectively).

    I'm very glad it's on Switch, but because I play through all Souls games with a friend online, I'll be getting it on PC anyway.

    It’s been announced for the other platforms now too.
    Best news ever.

      I never finished it as i got bored & stoped twice! On two separate playthroughs right before meeting Sif, If only i persisted, That wolf would have kept me enthralled, I simply never appreciated Dark Souls at the time & have been wanting a Dark Souls 1 remaster ever since with everyone telling me, "Yeah, Keep dreaming, That will never happen" Ha! The naysayers were wrong!.

    I'll be honest, I wouldn't pick this up for the Switch. After DOOM & Elder Scrolls being in the nicest word, compromised experiences, I don't really want to do the same with DS, and will just stick to playing it on PC.

    I'm excited though about the new 2D content coming out (Kirby, TWEWY and DK). This stuff is much more suited to the Switch IMO and gives my switch a reason to live.

    Although considering the progress the RetroArch team has made on porting RA to the Switch, that might not even matter soon either.

      I'm fine with it not looking as great as the PC version, I can't fit my PC into my bag to play on the train.

        Maybe if you haven't finished the game already, but I feel 'settling' for the Switch version neglects the creative vision of a game.

        Last edited 12/01/18 10:28 am

      I feel that the Switch would be great for Rts games if they had a good user interface.

    Day 1 purchase for me despite the fact that I've already purchased the original versions on PS3 and PC. Cannot wait.

      Me too. This is the best news I’ve heard in ages.

    I hope they release this the same way they released the original.

    Lower drop rates, less invincibility frames from rolling, no parry whilst blocking, lightning is op, can't buy lots of helpful items, fewer locations for quick travel, etc.

    Basically the harder version I had to play before they patched in kindness and compassion. If you're playing blind you don't know about the dragon headstone thing, not that I would have used it.

    Looking forward to new players complaining about Blight town even though it's easily bypassed with a master key

    All this talk of Dark Souls makes me feel grossly incandescent \[T]/

      Yeagh that’s true but why would you bypass the best part?

        Exactly! plus with the improved frame-rate, the frame-rate in blight town hopefully at least doubles to 2fps

    I've never played a Souls game before, so I think I'll have to grab this when it comes out for Xbox One X.

    I'm not giving any more tears to the rats and dogs that inhabit this game.

    Should add that this is not just coming to the Switch (at 1080p/30fps docked, 720p/30fps undocked), but also the PS4 & XBone (1080p/60fps standard, upscaled 4k/60fps on Pro & X), and also PC via Steam (4k/60fps apparently with 2k textures).

    Also, those who own the current version of Dark Souls on Steam (like me) will get a 50% loyalty discount when buying this remaster. Yay!

    EDIT: Scratch that last sentence. An official response has stated that there would be no discounts and that the price will be the same across all platforms. Oh well.

    Last edited 15/01/18 1:38 pm

      I wish they did these Loyalty Discounts on Consoles, Feels Bad Man.

        If they didn't do the loyalty discounts on pc, None of them would buy it, There is already a huge contingent of pc players bitching about not getting it free, It's like they walk into a store with their Vhs of Star wars & demand the digitally remastered versions. It's disheartening to watch, You should have seen the 4A games forums for Metro Redux, Metro Redux wasn't just a graphical boost gut a overhaul of bugs & gameplay mechanics & the Pc user base couldn't even get behind the devs & support it, I play on Pc & ps4 so put your pitch fork down angry Pc user reading my comment, Pc players are cheap.

          Metro Redux is even worse than the original on PC. The biggest one being the insane X&Y mouse scaling issues.

          The other thing with Redux's on PC is we are usually already pretty close to what a redux is promising, where as on console its usually a port from the previous console.

            Usually that's the case, I'd like a Stalker Redux.

      No discount, has already been refuted by the publisher as speculation/misinformation.

      It'll be a full priced repurchase for all systems.

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