Divinity: Original Sin 2 Battles Sure Do Escalate Quickly

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Battles Sure Do Escalate Quickly

Partway through the second act of Divinity: Original Sin 2, you visit an area called the Blackpits. While you’re there, you get into a fight. It is not an easy fight.

At around 10:30PM last night, I loaded up the game. I picked up immediately after my party had entered the main area of the Blackpits. I’d just reached level 13, and this was a level 13 area, so I figured I was in good shape. A little while later, I got into a fight with some Voidlings that quickly escalated. And escalated. And escalated. Before long, my party was standing atop a platform surrounded by enemies, and the whole world was on fire. My frame rate, which normally sits well above 100fps in this game, had dropped into the 30-50 range. Even my PC was freaking out.

I spent the next hour and a half cursing at my screen, frantically adapting to increasingly unfavorable battle conditions, and marveling at the fact that everyone in my party was still alive. First came a wave of Oil Voidlings, which were numerous but easy enough to kill. Then came the Fire Voidlings, which were numerous and much harder to kill.

They were joined by burly Primordial Fire Voidlings, which kept hurling fireballs and curse spells at my party from a distance. Also the fire they were standing in healed them with every turn. I had the elevated position, but it seemed only a matter of time before my party was overrun.

It looks like a burnt marshmallow, but rest assured, it is much meaner.

More than a few times, a mistake or miscalculation lead me to reload and try again. (It is all too easy to click on the wrong thing when the entire battlefield is obscured by flames and smoke.) I kept my party on top of the tower, spending precious Source points to bless the small surface beneath us and keep it free of Necrofire.

(Results on this strategy were mixed.)

I threw summoned creatures blindly into the furnace below, hoping they’d distract a couple enemies and buy me a turn or two. I used consumable scrolls and grenades freely, and spent all of my healing and barrier spells protecting Gwydian Rince, the friendly NPC I wanted to keep alive throughout the fight. Everyone was on fire. Everyone was cursed, crippled, or otherwise debuffed. It was a nightmare.

I lost track of time, but the tide finally started to turn. We’d thinned the enemy ranks, and I didn’t see any additional waves of enemies coming. Everyone in my party was standing, drained, but still able to fight. A few minutes later came the wonderful feeling that Divinity: Original Sin 2 players know well: when the momentum shifts, and you know for sure that you’ve won the battle. All that’s left is cleanup. Yet again I had messily turned around a no-win scenario.

Immediately after I defeated the last Voidling, the fires all went out. A battlefield that moments earlier had looked like this:

…now looked like this:

It was almost as though it hadn’t happened. But it did happen, and man, it was intense.

I beat the Blackpits fight through a combination of luck and stubbornness, but I had no real strategy. I have a feeling that several of you are champing at the bit to leave comments about how actually, this fight isn’t all that hard. I don’t doubt there are some more creative paths to victory, at the very least. If you beat the Blackpits fight, how did you do it? I’m all ears.


  • yeah, but did you keep the suicidal NPC you’ve gotta babysit though all this alive?

    also, (how i did it spoiler)
    bless the necrofire twice & it turns into blessed fire which heals you. then just process as normal.

    • We somehow blessed the necrofire in such a way that at the start of every turn for the rest of the fight the arena would switch between necro and blessed in a continuous sweeping clockwise fire wave.

  • Did this while back so can’t remember exactly how i did it but it it had the magisters vs the primal voidlings. I would tp them next the void ling and use my necro spider summon to tank all the dmg and deal it out as well. If any voidling got near my party my tp spell would back off cd and tp them far away. Also my ranger would on be the highest perch and pick them off 1 by one. my warrior and assassin where just guard duty.

    Also i would tp the oil voidling into cursed fire everytime. It was funny to see them dmging them selves when they where moving to me.

  • Awesome fight. My first playthrough I:
    stayed on top of the tower and took advantage of the MASSIVE range you get from there as a ranger, and used a few freezing/water arrows, whilst my friend (co-op game) who was a melee tank, kept any that teleported up top from killing Gwydian, and also dropped the armour-restoring source bubble that non-origin characters get.

    My second playthrough I knew it was coming, and somewhat cheesed it by respeccing two mages to full hydrosophist, because the fire voidlings are vulnerable to water.

  • I’m playing with 2 lone wolf’s and finding it a lot easier than when I played with a party of 4. But I’m about to get to this Blackpits bit and I’m sure I will rage just as hard.

    • two things:
      1) goddamn you. that’s an awesome solution. wish i thought of that.
      2) i love how this game lets you come up with cool things like that.

  • Don’t forget to save straight after before you come across an enemy camp with Shriekers!
    I forgot to save post fight and my crew got shrieked out!

  • It seems like my whole playthrough is nothing but that meme with the mouse in the room on fire saying, “this is fine.”

    I’ve had my roommate come out and watch me play, notice everything on fire, and then point it out to me.

    “No no,” I say, pointing at the screen. “I wanted this. To make more incarnates to spread more fire.”

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