Do You Care About Achievements?

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I recently set a goal for myself to collect all the achievements on as many games as possible. I say "recently", but this goal dates back to my university days, when in my youthful optimism I believed I could conquer TF2.

I could not. I suspect no mortal can. But it's a new year, and I am now a Fully Grown Adult Person who has learnt how to manage expectations. This time I'm attacking in a more practical manner, prioritising short (preferably Australian) games.

It has been a time.

I suspect I pin too much on earning these tiny pictures for my profile. But the sense of satisfaction at perfecting a game is one I enjoy seeking. I may have finished the main plot, but a game does not feel truly completed until I have all those little badges. I need them in order to move on. I am a cat chasing a laser - a laser wielded by devs who are probably cackling manically.

So my Big Question is this: Do you care about achievements? Do you hunt them down like you need to feed a family of five, or are they inconsequential to your gaming experience? Or did you, like me, previously care but were plunged into nihilism by a particular unobtainable goal?


    If I am enjoying a game like Farcry 3 I will go all out. I draw the line at Multiplayer achievements.

      That was my mistake - going for multiplayer achievements. (I will get those Overwatch ones though...)

        Always read the list to see what you're getting into, especially with multiplayer. Sometimes they're really nice and interesting, other times the developers thought 1 headshot, 10 headshots, 100 headshots and 1000 headshots was a logical progression in a game where you average 5 regular kills in a 20 minute match. On paper Rank 100 with all five classes sounds about right, there are five classes and Rank 100 is max, but then you realise two of the classes are horrible and rank up slowly, and Rank 100 takes about 42 hours even with the good classes.
        Then you get stuff like BioShock 2 which has one and a half people playing online during peak hour.

      Yeah I'm the same, I will go all out to get achievements for games I love to play the hell out of. However I think a lot of games have some stupid achievements. Like unlocking your first item, or beating the tutorial shouldn't really give players a sense of accomplishment, but then you hear the alert tone and an achievement icon pops up on your screen

        Exactly this. Achievements where I have actually accomplished something ("kill 420 bad guys with a herring in 30 sec") give me warm fuzzies. Pointless achievements - "Run the game for the first time." or "Completed Mission 1." - do not, and needn't be there.

    Nope not even a little bit. Never have I been remotely enthused to 100% a game based on someone elses, even the devs, ideas of what a 100% is.

    I look at achievements as a list of "maybe this would be fun" list. If its asking me to do something that I'd consider fun, I'll do as many as I can. If I find it in anyway frustrating or arbitrary, hard pass.

    Nope. I think it's a complete waste of time for lemming like people.

    I play the game until it's not fun and I move on.

    It depends, if the game is fun, even beyond the story yes I will chase achievements. That said I never ever chase multiplayer achievements, if I get them while having a tool around in MP fine, but I don’t have the time to dedicate to hitting lvl 50 in a shooter.

    I primarily play games for story and/or gameplay, it needs a bit of both to keep me interested, if it’s just a hamster wheel, I might get on for a moment if the price is right (sub $20), but will get off soon after as life has too much to do outside of gaming (kid,wife,study,work ect).

    The only cheevo hunt I've ever gone on was for Bloodborne and I am very proud to have it plat. Nothing else has ever made me care about it though.

    The Switch has helped me get over my trophy hunting. I would usually care and look them up until the game got boring/ finished the main story.
    Completely not interested in multiplayer achievements.

    Not even slightly. I turn off their notifications whenever possible. Standard progress achievements are particularly dumb.

    I'm ok with off-the-beaten-path achievements, but I'd still prefer better in-game acknowledgements. I always remember Uncharted 2's "Marco"/"Polo" achievement as being fun.

    10 years ago i did on the ps3.

    Now with the amount of steam games i have... definitely not.

    I try to care every now and then but I lose interest pretty quickly, particularly when they're linked to collectathons.

    I enjoyed the hunt to unlock The Binding of Isaac Achievements, as these typically unlocked new features to the game. Typically I find them good to know when you've unlocked goals of the game, also that you've achieved a feat or found something that the Dev added that was to be humorous.
    My focus more then anything is typically making sure I stick with the game long enough to finish it.

    I think I've only ever achieved 100% on 1 game, so I don't particularly chase achievements or care about them, but I do appreciate unlocking a rare achievement if I randomly stumble upon them.

    I'm mostly amused by what the game considers an achievement. Some of the achievements that have popped up for Assassin's Creed: Origins have been pretty funny - my favourite was getting an achievement for running around in the desert for so long that Bayek hallucinated raining bugs.

    If I see one that looks fun to try and get, I'll try it. Otherwise, any achievements I unlock during a game are a coincidence.

    Yes, but less than I once did
    I like achievements that make me explore the game or mechanics in more detail
    I am well past caring about 100% all games, but will still strive for as many as I can
    I don't hunt out guides and the like during the gameplay to check for missable achievements
    I no longer care about massive grindy achievements unless I am really having fun or it is a little filler to waste a small amount of time.
    According to steam I am at 32 games with 100% achievements

    You should check out a mammoth story Amanda

      wowzers! 32! I have like 1945 achievements, and 7 perfect games!

        I'm approaching 6,000 achievements
        Went through a bit of an achievement hunter stage for a while

    Care is a strong word. I don't really care about achievements but I like to get 100% if I can. If it means going out of my way for a few hours and I'm enjoying the game that's fine. A lot of them are good additional endings. The game ends but there's still optional stuff to do. There's also the great challenge ones. I probably wouldn't have played Shovel Knight without using checkpoints.

    Before achievements I used to 100% everything that acknowledged it. Just the other day I told my girlfriend what happens if you beat every level using every exit in Super Mario World. She wasn't impressed but I had so much fun doing it. All because the level nodes changed colour. The Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid games were the first to truly make me enjoy racing the clock. There where no achievements but the games recognised my accomplishments and it felt good.

    I don't, and never have. I mean they're there, so I get them, but I can think of very few that I've actually gone out to get deliberately rather than just having them fall into my lap through regular play.

    If the game is enjoyable to play then I'll play it regardless of achievements. And if it's not then no amount of achievements is going to make it any more enjoyable so I'll just go and play something else.

    I have 1 fully 100% achieved game on Steam... and it happens to be Rocket League.
    I like to get as many as I can, but I don't strive for the in most games.

    Factorio has a couple that I really want to get. But I don't think I have the knowledge of the game yet to get it done

    Nope, not at all. They usually have nothing to do with the game other than create artificial objectives that could be in the game as actual game design elements instead.
    Just pointless key jangling nonsense.

    Normally I don't care, but it's it's a nice tick on the box when you've finished a game in the hardest difficulty, and it says "0.2% of players have this achievement".

    Sadly - yes. A lot. The multiplayer ones are usually to slowest for me (other people are the worst).

    It’s also a useful “incentive” for me to grind all the novelty out of a game, before spending money on a new game. But mostly, it’s a sad commentary on my need for positive feedback and shiny, pointless prizes.

    Only game I've bothered with is Horizon, where the game was so fun I was looking for any excuse after I'd finished to keep running around shooting dinosaurs.

    I don't particularly care about them.

    If I'm playing a game that I'm really enjoying, and my natural play gets me close to getting all of the achievements, I might make an effort to get them (I think I got all of them for Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood, for example. In the first AC I missed the achievement for speaking to the woman every possible time, and to hell with playing through the entire game again just to get that).

    Like many others, though, I'll completely ignore multiplayer achievements. And if I see anything on the list that looks too difficult and/or boring (collect a billion of some pointless thing, or complete a difficult challenge in some absurdly short time) then I won't bother. Essentially, if it doesn't look like it will be fun, I won't go near it!

    I don't generally care, but if I finish a game, and enjoyed it a lot, and only have one or two left to complete the set, I might put a bit of extra effort in to grab em. 99% of the time though, I couldn't give a shit about them really. I like the fact that they're there, but I'm certainly not going to obsess over some meaningless shit. If it actually did something, like unlocked extra content, or gave you bonus trading cards (in steam) I might care a bit more, but until then, I'll just keep letting them rack up as I play, and if I happen to get them all, great!

    Sometimes I do, most of the time no. I've gone for 100% achievements on a couple games where after beating the game I'm only missing a couple and its not too far out of my reach.

    My interest varies, I thought it was a nifty idea when I first got an Xbox 360. For years I had a pretty good ratio of games played and completed with full 1000/1000. I also kept up a fairly decent gamerscore average per year. I stopped caring and the average took a hit, then I stopped gaming on the Xbox for years which made the average drop even more (granted I knew many people went over 100,000 gamerscore super fast - even when I was more interested). I've gotten back into Xbox gaming over the last year and a half, still didn't play games for the achievements...... until the past few weeks when I finally made it to 90,000 overall (only took close to 8 years to go from the early 70's to this point!).

    I didn't care about the trophies on the playstation..... collecting bronze, silver, gold or platinum trophies for games doesn't hold the same appeal as a "score" lol. I've even got a few easy games I could get every trophy for (eg: Life is Strange) - the motivation isn't there to play through them.

      I hit 100k Gamer score last year. Some kid online was like how did you get 100k GS. I was like dude Ive been playing games for 8 years. It was bound to happen.

      I was very much like you, playing games and hunting those achievements. Now not so much.

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