Doki Doki Literature Club, As Told By Steam Reviews

Doki Doki Literature Club was a surprise hit last year. According to Steam reviews, you should play it if you like, uh, anime and giving yourself emotional pain.

I really liked the way Doki Doki Literature Club got under my skin. Despite its pleasant, moe-tinged veneer, it's not just a scary-arse game, it also contains a touching story about depression. Steam users seem to agree with me, but they can't agree on who is best girl (it's Yuri).

You can check out more reviews for Doki Doki Literature Club  here.


    Steam users seem to agree with me, but they can't agree on who is best girl (it's Monika).
    Good going though on putting the biggest spoiler of the game as the article header...

    Shit go here. Why put a spoiler as the header and image. This game is only three months old.
    I only found out about it last week and was keen enough to play it. It's niche, so expect that many haven't played it. Others might not have the time.
    This sucks. I hope no one that hasn't played this sees this article.
    Way to spoil a delightful and surprising experience.

      Incredibly vague statement that could just be a joke, if someone hadn't played, is a spoiler now?

        That picture would instantly make you suspect Monika as being an antagonist if someone decided to play it.

          Or she'd just be the "ha ha, I'm trying real hard to sound mysterious" jokester character you'd expect from something called Doki Doki Literature Club?

    I find the problem with this game is that, unless you come across it yourself with no info about it, you're essentially already spoiled.

    I saw a bunch of people on Twitter posting stuff like "You must play this game!" which had me thinking that there was "something up" with the game.
    As I knew I'd never play it, I ended up looking up full spoilers, and...yeah I think knowing SOMETHING is up (Even from just being told "You must play!") with the game would massively lessen the impact, versus just coming across it.

    I'd liken it to if somebody gave you a hot or sour mega warhead lolly, and didn't do anything to make you think it was anything than a normal lolly, you'd probably react when the sour/hot hit you.

    But if you come across a bunch of giggling people, and somebody says "here try this" while obviously trying to stifle laughter, you'd be guarded and probably WOULDN'T react.

      I knew something was up, and the game throws multiple warnings telling you something was up. And yet, after an hour of cute girl action I'd forgotten about them and was still surprised by the multiple twist.

    I don't understand the point of these articles that repost comments from Steam or other such services.

      To state the reason why would be against the rules.

      You clicked on it. That is the point.

        Well for what it's worth, I never actually click on these types of articles. I only clicked on this specific one so I could ask this question. I'm not clicking on another one again.

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