Dr. Disrespect Will Be Back Next Month

Dr. Disrespect Will Be Back Next Month

Last month, popular PUBG streamer Dr. Disrespect, aka Guy Beahm, took an indefinite leave of absence from Twitch following the revelation he’d been unfaithful to his wife. In two weeks, he’ll be back.

Disrespect made the announcement — alongside (?) his wife — in the short video below. Unlike his last video, it’s very much in character.

He’ll be back on February 5. Hopefully in one piece.


    • I’m just glad he and his wife managed to sort out their issues. Looks like they’ve made up and moving on with their lives which is great to see.

      • Their issues? That makes it sound a bit like it was her fault for him cheating (even though I know that’s probably not what you mean)

        • You’re deliberately misinterpreting his or her words, and even acknowledging the fact.
          It’s absolutely their collective issue.
          Causality on the back of an individual doesn’t change the shared effect experienced. The actions of one resulted in a collective issue. That’s says nothing for who’s at fault, and it doesn’t have to.
          You known this is what that person meant. Why purposefully misinterpret? Seems to happen increasingly often in modern discourse.

          • I am actually. See, I don’t make it my business to deliberately cause confusion where there is none. Makes for interesting and mutually understood conversation. I really love parties!

          • How is he deliberately misinterpreting what’s been said if he’s openly acknowledging that what he’s suggesting might not be what they’re trying to say?

          • “Even though I KNOW that’s PROBABLY not what you mean.”
            Has knowledge of the the fact that he has more than likely misrepresented the commenter’s statement. States it anyway.
            Alex was creating disagreement and confusion where there simply wasn’t one. We are all guilty of this at some point, but it’s becoming increasingly problematic particularly with the prevalence of social media. One misrepresented statement can lead to the complete mischaracterisation of an individual, their opinions and their character. I’m not saying that Alex’s comment was remotely close to resulting in these kinds of outcomes, but it’s important to identify when it happens, regardless of how insignificant.
            I probably sound like a crazy person going into way too much detail, but I suppose if you were asking why I saw the statements as misrepresented, I’d rather give you a solid answer as to why I feel it’s a problem.

            Anyway, I don’t want to get into a big discussion about it because it’s really, really not worth it, but it’s simply so common for words and their meaning to be deliberately misconstrued by folks nowadays. Kinda just want to call it out when I see it.

    • Why would you need to forgive him? He didn’t do anything to you? Lol. Hey sure if someone is getting done for sexual harassment sure be like that. But this is between those two, and she’s decided to stay with him. Why is every mofo so god damn precious these days?

        • Sorry, sick of the social justice warriors on this site. It’s like everyone wants the world to know just how good of a person they are…just stick to curating your Facebook so it implies exactly that eh?

    • I kind of like him, This guy worked for EA, Did a vid describeing how they’re the worst, Tells it like it is & they only person he’s disrespectet was his wife & she didn’t assassinate him so he can’t be too bad a bloke.

      • My spelling & punctuation had a car crash. Whats funny is i’m posting via the Ps4 browser & auto correct failed me.

  • I’m not sure I’m going to be able to watch him again. She should have kicked him to the curb. But that’s just me. All that’s going to be portrayed to younger audiences now is that you can cheat and keep your wife. As discerning adults, we know it’s more complicated than that. But hey. Whatever floats your boat hey. Let’s support and subscribe to other miscreant next time just so it evens out the field.

  • This video makes me feel embaressed. Glad he worked out his issues with his wife, but it’s all kinds of awkward to see him and his wife make light of it in such a short time frame since it happened. It feels like a desire to get the gravy train back on track, less than genuinely giving the issue of infidelity the time and gravity it deserves.

    • I agree with your sentiment. At least it has a ‘hint’ of video game about it though. If you’ll permit me to whinge … it beats the deluge of ‘Partner Content’ (how many times am I going to see that Junkrat cosplay on my feed?) and stuff about Comics or general pop culture.

      If I could mainline just the video game bits of Kotaku then I would.

      • Ok now this I can agree with. And those arms…they look like they’re photoshopped to be so damn skinny!

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