Endless Space 2’s Sci-Fi Expansion Picks Up Where Endless Legend’s Fantasy Story Ended

Endless Space 2’s Sci-Fi Expansion Picks Up Where Endless Legend’s Fantasy Story Ended
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One of the cool things about Amplitude’s Endless games is that, despite their vastly different settings, they inhabit a shared fictional universe. A universe that’s about to get a lot closer as a faction from Endless Legend makes the jump to Endless Space.

The Vaulters, my favourite faction from Endless Legend (and stars of the also excellent Endless Dungeon), weren’t your standard fantasy archetype. They were instead the descendants of a crashed spaceship, and your goal in the game was to dig through their forgotten technology and find a way to get off that planet.

As the newest faction in Endless Space 2, that’s exactly what they have done. The same robot assistant who you guided through Endless Legend‘s story missions is now seen here in this trailer, very sad that he managed to save the Vaulters from a doomed planet, only to see them die in the depths of cold space. It’s literally picking up where you left off if you finished Endless Legend with the Vaulters.

I know, the Vaulters were also in the first Endless Space, but like that game itself they were a vague outline of what they are today. Here, they’re instantly recognisable, from the art to the characters, and that’s what makes this so damn cool.

They’re joining Endless Space 2 as part of an expansion that’s out later this month.


  • Sounds like I need to install Endless legend before I play that.

    And looks like I need to pick up a pile of DLC for it next week. Oh I hope a total play time of 13 minutes since purchase in 2014.. I really need to do something about this backlog

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