Every Big Game Coming Out This Summer

Every Big Game Coming Out This Summer

If you’re looking forward to a nice long holiday this summer, it’s the perfect time to get stuck into some new games. Here are the biggest games coming out this summer.

Illustration by Angelica Alzona

January 17

Full Metal Furies | PC, Xbox One

January 18

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition | PS4, PC

January 19

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Hackers Memory | PS4, Vita

January 23

Iconoclasts | PS4, Vita, PC, Mac, Linux

Lost Sphear | PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC

January 25

The Room: Old Sins | iOS

January 26

Dragon Ball FighterZ | PS4, Xbox One, PC

Monster Hunter: World | PS4, Xbox One, PC

January 30

Wolfenstein “The Freedom Chronicles” Episode 2 | PS4, Xbox One, PC

Call of Duty: The Resistance DLC | PS4 (Xbox One and PC coming later)

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT | PS4

February 2

EA Sports UFC 3 | PS4, Xbox One, PC

February 7

Shadow of the Colossus HD | PS4

February 8

Octogeddon | PC

Civilisation VI Rise and Fall Expansion | PC, Mac, Linux

February 9

Dragon Quest Builders | Nintendo Switch

February 13

Crossing Souls | PS4, Vita, PC, Mac, Linux

Owlboy | PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

The Longest Five Minutes | Steam, Nintendo Switch, Vita

Dynasty Warriors 9 | PS4, Xbox One, PC

February 15

Secret of Mana | PS4, Vita, PC

February 16

Bayonetta 1&2 | Nintendo Switch

Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology | 3DS

February 22

Metal Gear Survive | PS4, Xbox One, PC

February 23

Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet | PS4, Xbox One

February 27

Payday 2 | Switch

Moss | PSVR

March 20

Attack on Titan 2 | PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life | PS4

Sea of Thieves | Xbox One, PC

Note: Games may be delayed in Australia on certain platforms due to classification issues.


    • Keen as beans. Didn’t back the Kickstarter but have been following it ever since that announcement. Hopefully it’s up to or near the same quality as Witcher series

  • Didn’t realise DB Fighter Z and MH:World release on the same day. But I am waiting for the PC version of MH:W which I’m pretty sure doesn’t have a release date yet.

  • Hmm thats pretty disappointing personally, almost nothing there. But really thats a good thing, still have a bit of a backlog.

    • I would say the same, at least my wallet thanks me for the money I have spent. I know this year there are a few games coming out I want but first 2 months … nothing really there.

  • Some interesting titles there, but tbh I’ve got enough games to play for the moment.
    The people that buy every new game when they are released don’t actually play them, they just FOMO their way through them for bragging rights.

  • Can anyone tell me if enter the gungeon is out in australua for the switch? Haven’t been able to turn mine on for some time

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