Fallout 4: New Vegas Mod Is Coming Along Nicely

At this point it's tricky to tell what the future holds for Fallout as a series, but we probably won't see an official brand new 'New Vegas' from Bethesda, Obsidian or anyone else for that matter.

Which means that this mod will most likely be the closest thing to it.

The mod is called Fallout 4: New Vegas and it's an attempt to recreate the whole of the original New Vegas in Bethesda's 'Creation' engine.

The plan is not only to recreate the world and spaces from the game, but also the levelling, skills, and traits from Obsidian's take on Fallout. Considering many lament the changes Fallout 4 made to the series' RPG mechanics, this mod could be a welcome addition to a significant portion of the Fallout fan-base.


    Bethesda still bitter that Obsidion's game was more popular than theirs?

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