Final Fantasy 7's Explanation For Barret's Gun Arm Is Different In Japanese

I've been playing Final Fantasy 7 in Japanese and English at the same time. I'm making videos documenting the little differences I notice between the Japanese and English scripts. Here's the latest part.

In the latest episode, we're going to visit the Gold Saucer, where we'll encounter a line of dialogue which, I believe, points to the translator not knowing that Aerith was going to die later in the game.

Then we'll experience a visit from some ghosts of Barret's past. We'll learn why one of Barret's arms is a gun. The reason is generally the same in English as it is in Japanese, though some of the details are curiously, deliciously different.

If you've watched any of these videos so far, you know that I am always curious about deliciously different details. If you haven't watched any of these videos yet, well, you can find them all in this convenient playlist.


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