Five Challenges To Spice Up The Sims 4

Five Challenges To Spice Up The Sims 4

The Sims is an open-ended game where you set your own goals, but if you’re out of ideas, you can always try these challenges from the simmer community.

The Sims‘ community loves making up gameplay challenges. Be they one off challenges or ones that take dozens of hours of gameplay, it’s a way for simmers to get together and share stories about how they play the game. There’s basically a new Sims challenge every day, which makes it hard to pick one to try if haven’t moved beyond trapping your sims in doorless rooms with faulty stoves. Here’s a few that I think are tons of fun.

The Legacy Challenge

This is the classic. The basic idea is to make a sim that’s your family’s founder, then follow that sim through ten generations. This is harder than it looks — especially because in the beginning, you’ll be starting off with basically no money. At the beginning of my legacy, Annabelle Freeman was sleeping in tiny room with a bed, kitchen and a toilet just sitting out there.

It was kind of like what your first apartment in New York is like. Now she’s got a modest home where she’s taking care of her triplets until her heir, Starr, takes over. Over time, it’s fascinating to watch your family members die, and live on, creating a distinct lineage and hopefully some better digs.

The Not So Berry Challenge

In the early 2010s, Simmer Berry Pie 27 kicked off a trend with sims that featured sims with brightly coloured skin in her Sims 3 legacies. This is a challenge for people who are interested in the pastels and colour coordination, but aren’t quite ready to make a sim with pink skin.

It’s kind of like a legacy challenge, but simmers Lilsimsie and Alwayssimming have made stricter rules for what needs to happen in each generation, down to the traits your sims will have. You start off with the mint generation, who needs to join the scientist career and be a materialistic, jealous vegetarian.

By the time you reach blue, the final generation, you’ll be playing a gloomy, perfectionist, family oriented sim in the critic career. It’s not just more structure than the Legacy challenge, it makes you play part of the game that you may not have tried.

The 100 Baby Challenge

Do not underestimate how difficult this will be. This challenge is a trial of endurance more than anything else. As you may have guessed, you’re gonna try to have a single sim birth 100 babies, which means basically at all times you’re going to have needy babies and toddlers in your household at all times.

This is challenge enough, but each baby also has to come from a different father, so you can’t just get married and make your sim woohoo all day. It’s not too hard to keep your sim perpetually pregnant — what’s harder is finding time for everyone to eat, sleep, and bathe when there’s four to five children who won’t sleep through the night.

In my household, everyone is always smelly,uncomfortable, or passed out on the floor.

The Random Genetics Challenge

There are a couple presets that I default to when I make sims. I like tan skin, curly hair and curvy bodies. The problem was that all my sims looked the same. In this challenge, you don’t have any control over how your sims looks. In Random Genetics, you make two parents by hitting the random button on each category that has one.

Then, you randomly generate their child, and have to make that kid look halfway decent without changing their face or body at all. Sometimes you end up with beautiful sims by accident. Sometimes you end up with total monsters. It’s a neat way to show yourself that there are aesthetics in this game that you haven’t tried, and new kinds of characters you haven’t explored.

The 10K Starter House Challenge

I like this challenge because it tests your house-building muscles. I’ve only recently started getting good at building attractive houses, but they always end up being too expensive for my sims to live in. In this challenge, you have to try to keep the total cost under 10,000 simoleons, while also giving your sim all the utilities they need.

You can very easily spend 5,000 simoleons just getting all the walls up, and then appliances like a fridge and a stove can easily run 1,000 simoleons each.

You’ll learn new things about yourself: I know know, for instance, that I will sacrifice size and windows in order to get a rug in every room. It’s cosier this way, ok!