Five More Games Get Ported To The Switch

Five More Games Get Ported To The Switch

It doesn’t matter how old they are, every game should be on the Switch. This morning’s Nintendo Direct adds five more existing favourites to the console’s upcoming lineup.

The World Ends With You: Final Remix

The rhythmic battles of the quirky 2008 Square Enix RPG The World Ends With You is coming to Switch later this year, featuring both Joy-Con control and touchscreen support. The switch version also promises a new epilogue that sheds even more light on the games’s story.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

Sometimes waiting is a good thing. Switch owners won’t get their hands on NIS America’s outstanding action RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana until this summer, but they will also never have to experience the shoddy translation that caused the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions to be completely re-localised.

Hyrule Warriors

Coming to the Switch this Spring, Hyrule Warriors includes all of the content and DLC from the Wii U version, plus new costumes for Link and Zelda based on their appearance in Breath of the Wild.  

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

This underappreciated gem of a Wii U games arrives on Switch May 4, adding surfing ape Funky Kong to its roster of playable characters.

Dark Souls Remastered

The first Dark Souls gets a Switch port on May 25, including the the main game plus the Artorias of the Abyss DLC. Praise that sun, people.

Five down, the rest to go.


  • I’m incredibly excited for TWEWY. I didn’t get too far into it though so hopefully I can change that.

    • Its a great game. I’m wondering if the port will also vocalise the characters a bit more which would be nice.

  • Hyrule Warriors also contains all the 3DS content as well. Nice package. With the DLC that will probably give as much playtime as BOTW. So much grinding….

  • More games I already own being re-released! Because fuck buying things when they first come out! Get them three years later when they’re finally finished development.
    Seriously, so fucking over the games I buy being made obsolete and released in place of actual new stuff.

    • Yeah, but let’s face it – a lot of people missed out on stuff like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze because the Wii U tanked. So there will be a lot of Switch owners who never had a Wii U.

      Harder to make a case for something like Dark Souls which was already on a heap of different platforms so there aren’t too many people who wouldn’t have had a chance at playing that one already.

        • I guess if that’s your thing. I think I’d find it much less enjoyable to play something like that on a small screen with all the distractions around the place, etc. I need to play that kind of thing locked away in a dark, quiet room where I can concentrate 😛

          I think I’m just not really a fan of portable gaming in general, especially not for huge, deep stuff like Dark Souls or Skyrim etc.

      • Dark souls made me motion sick on PC. On the switch I am more likely to be okay because there is an the two options

    • Eh, the Switch is a special case, it’s the first console since the Wii that doesn’t offer backward compatibility. Coupling with that with the fact that the WiiU is about to be outsold by the Switch, it’s hard not to argue against releasing pretty much all of the WiiU catalogue again. None of what you own is obsolete, unless you’re a “Funky Kong or Die” kinda person. My rule is, unless the Release is over a decade after first release, it’s not worth picking up again.

      Even as someone who owned a WiiU, I’m pretty excited about some of these, as I can see myself playing something like Hyrule Warriors on transport much more than actually sitting down and playing it in my study.

      • Way I see it is I bought a Wii U. And I bought games for that console that are still contemporary. Also, I have two versions of Hyrule Warriors already. In order to get BOTW content I’ll need to own THREE.
        It’s just getting fatiguing. It feels symptomatic of the current reboot culture.

        • It’s understandable in that case. I played and finished DK in the Wii U and I don’t plan to get it again, however I skipped on HW and now I’m strongly considering it. Case by case, it is a good thing games get ported to a newer console, especially one like the Switch that allows portable gaming: there will always be someone who for reasons didn’t get that game when it was first available and now they are happy.

          Perhaps the day will come when they port a game that you missed back in the day and you’ll be happy about it.

      • Given that there was only one console between the wii and the switch, you’d be more accurate to say that the wii u was the only one that offered backwards compatability

    • I get it being a Wii U owner.

      But I also understand there a many people getting back into Nintendo with the Switch. These people will really enjoy DKCTF.

    • Right there with ya. If I wanted to play these games again I’d just pull them off my shelf and do so without shelling out another 60-90 odd bucks for the privilege. The whole Switch experience has been nothing but a big “fuck you, Wii U owners”.

      • Yup. They coulda at least done an ambassador program and given us free shit for our time and money.
        Now my reward is repurchasing shit I already own for what is essentially a sports car Wii u I can’t even draw on.

      • So? Don’t get it, nobody is forcing you to. All the players who now own a Switch and didn’t own a WiiU will be happy about it.

        • And all the players who own a Switch and own a Wii U get to enjoy… what, exactly? Playing nothing because the release schedule is filled with games they already own? People like to complain about how sparse the Wii U’s release schedule was, but by this point it had a far more compelling library than the Switch does once you strip out those reruns.

          • What? You’re normally more rational than this. This is such an easily disprovable claim, that I cannot even start to fathom why would you make it. Not only the amount of exclusives has been higher this almost-year, their quality is also immensely superior.

          • I consider NintendoLand, ZombiU, NSMBU, NSLU, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 (and if you want, Rayman Legends) to be vastly more compelling than 1-2-Switch, Super Bomberman R, Arms, Splatoon 2, Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2. Even if I have sunk well over a thousand hours into splat2.

          • I dunno, man. I am not going to say that you are objectively wrong because everybody is entitled to their own tastes, but if (to name an example among the ones you provided) you enjoyed more NSMBU than Odyssey, you have to be aware that you are going against the overwhelmingly stronger current of opinion. (I’d personally admit a comparison to SM3DW, though).

            Also, you failed to mention TLoZ:BotW, which has been deemed a strong candidate for the best game of the last decade. I’m aware that it is available for the WiiU too, but my point is that the WiiU didn’t have anything in the vicinity of such a strong first year (in fact, launch) offering.

          • In actual fact I probably did enjoy NSMBU more than Odyssey. Odyssey was my disappointment of the year (explanation why is in that article wherever it is), I only managed to get through about 10 hours of it before I couldn’t bring myself to play any more. Definitely consider 3D World to be the superior game.

            And yeah, I said I was discounting all ports so there’s no Mario Kart, Pokken, BotW etc in there. Only stuff that makes the Switch stand on its own from the perspective of a Wii U owner. And BotW aside, I would say Pikmin and W101 are easily two of the best games of the past generation, capped off an absolute cracker first year and NintyLand/NSMBU/ZombiU made for a ridiculously better launch offering than 1-2-Switch and Bomberman. There was actually reason to play my Wii U during those launch months, unlike my Switch which had me asking why I even bothered.

    • IMO, games like TF are much more suited to the Switch’s format, and I’m still flabbergasted that more of the 2D back catalogue isn’t being prioritised for porting.

  • I know this is a Kotaku US article…but…just as a side note…please stop using seasons when talking about release dates. There are, in fact, two hemispheres on this planet.

    • Yeah, this bugs me. Have they localised it already? Or still US seasons? Heck, just use Q1 or Q2. Easy for everyone.

      • Well, no. That’s not necessarily true, either. In business in Australia, Q1 is July to September. If the document that says Q1 is business oriented, which can sometimes be used as a source for game news, then there is no way to know which Q1 it means. Additionally, different countries have different business calendars. Just say something like, ‘…is expected to be released around September 2019’.

        • Q1 is still Q1, meaning January-March.

          Yes, Our financial year is actually July-June, so from a financial perspective Q1 starts in July – but, game press releases and such are rarely from the finance departments 😛 Anyone outside of finance would consider Q1 to start in January. Schools and other such institutions all begin their years in January, etc. so I think saying Q1, Q2 etc is fine if they can’t announce a specific month yet.

          Just…don’t use seasons. Don’t tell me something is releasing in summer when it is in fact releasing in winter.

          • And that’s the approach I usually take – but sometimes it’s just unclear enough to raise some doubts. Not that’s it’s all that important – if the launch is still far off enough for them to not want to commit to an actual date, it’s very likely to slip no matter what quarter they place it in.

    • They don’t do it in this article but I’d also like to suggest banning the use of numbered dates. Just say the name of the month, already! Is 1-12-18 today, or is it almost a year away?!!! You can’t always tell where the writer is from so it can be really difficult to figure out which they mean.

    • Also doesn’t help when there is a localiser when they transfer articles across that often switches these about. But you can never be sure if that has been done or not.

  • TWEWY with new content is a godsend, and it looks like they have changed the combat from the smartphone version and it might play a little more similarly to the DS version! (albeit without a second screen, but they are trying!)

    • I am very surprised by the fact that, with the way the Switch is, they didn’t allow for a mode where you play with the whole console in your hands, connected to the TV, giving you the two-screen experience of the WiiU, for the handful games that benefit of it.

  • TWEWY with new content is a godsend, and it looks like they have changed the combat from the smartphone version and it might play a little more similarly to the DS version! (albeit without a second screen, but they are trying!)

  • TWEWY <3 I never beat the game when I picked it up on DS since I struggled with the controls, but I’m overjoyed to pick it up on my switch. And I’ve never played Dark Souls, so I might give it a go too…. if I have the money.

  • Seeing TWEWY in HD is glorious and I’m truly looking forward to it. It’s my favourite game from the DS era.
    I am curious as to how they plan to control the combat. Whilst it was definitely a challenge to get used to the dual-screen combat in the original, once it clicked with you it was an incredibly satisfying system. If this cannot maintain the frenetic style then a big aspect of the game will be lost.
    Also, I really, truly hope that this is a sign of a potential sequel finally arriving.

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