For A 5-Year-Old, This Kid Is Pretty Good At Gran Turismo

Twitter user Yashu's daughter not only loves cars, but she also is pretty good at Gran Turismo.

[GIF: Yashu]

Here she is practising at home with her cat co-drivers.

Nice racing line!

She's been interested in motorsports since she was small (well, smaller). Here she is when she was three years old at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Yashu's daughter doesn't only play GT, but she also races on real tracks against kids almost twice her age.


    Thats actually really cool.

    I started playing GT last week and I have to say this child is definitely way better than me. I think I'll need to get a racing wheel

    What was that anime where it's set in the future where cars are robot driven for people and no human knows how to drive at all but only 3 spunky teenage girls can and it's there job to rescue people from those malfunctioning robot cars? Was a real obscure anime OVA.

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