Forza Horizon 3 Gets Its Native 4K Update

Forza Horizon 3 Gets Its Native 4K Update
Image: Kotaku

Slowly but surely, the native 4K titles are coming. The latest to supposedly join the pack: Forza Horizon 3.

In a post on the official Xbox Wire, Forza Horizon devs Playground Games confirmed the open-world arcade racer has a native 4K update, compatible with both the Hot Wheels and Blizzard Mountain expansions.

Given how vibrant Forza Horizon 3 is, it’s nice that it’s finally gotten a 4K upgrade. The patch has added a bunch of upgrades specific for the Xbox One X, including increased draw and LOD distances, better visual effects and an increased shadow resolution. The game’s photo mode will output in 4K as well, if that’s your thing.

An infographic on the Xbox Wire also notes that the Xbox One X version will have faster load times, although there’s no specifics on how much faster those load times are. Forza Horizon 3 already had HDR support for the Xbox One S, and subsequently the Xbox One X on launch. The only downside is that the patch appears to lock Forza Horizon 3 to 4K/30fps, instead of giving users a 1080p or 1440p option at a higher frame rate.


  • Your at it again Kotaku. Slightly dissing article on an something good for the xbox. I notice you have had virtually no coverage on the wonderful PUBG port that has sold well over 3 million copies on the Xbox. If this had been PlayStation you would have been all over that shit. Cue the mostly dissing comments from the Kotaku commentators. I swear every article that is about the xbox is mostly commentated on by people bagging it. This is a good thing? right, isnt it that this has come out for Forza.

    • I’ve notice the trend too.

      It’s cheap point to bag the Xbox.
      This is one of the Xbox’s best games, and now is even better. That’s a win for everybody.

      (I wouldn’t call the pubg Xbox version wonderful but. The sales figures are great but man is it a hard to play game)

    • How is it slightly dissing? The only example is the “supposedly” in the first line, which is fair enough considering they’re just quoting a dev post.

      As far as PS4 bias goes, that’s always going to happen on a site called Kotaku. Japanese games tend to get favoured, and these mainly live on playstation.

      From what I’ve heard too, that pubg port is anything but wonderful too.

      • It’s not a diss. I haven’t been able to compare and contrast footage myself, so “supposedly” was meant to identify that it’s a claim from the developer, not something that we’ve verified ourselves.

        We’ve seen games where the claim about 4K ends up being 1900p, or lower, or sometimes native 4K but not quite in certain scenes. That’s all it was. Not having a go.

      • 1. Alex includes “supposedly” in front page blurb.
        2. You click because that’s different to saying it does run at 4K, which would otherwise be all you need to know.
        3. Guy gets mad and post a comment.
        4. Alex’s bosses love his slightly confrontational wording it because he got a click AND a comment, therefore driving advertising revenue.
        5. I post this comment explaining the whole process, further driving revenue and encouraging Kotaku to post more intentionally misleading headlines.
        6. People lose trust in all media because they’re constantly beating everything up, agitating and misleading people for attention.
        7. Donald Trump gets to be President, claiming that anyone who criticises him is “fake news”, and people believe him because they don’t trust anybody in the media at all.
        8. The world melts.

        Thanks for ruining the planet, Alex.

      • yeah it is wonderful actually, even with all the rubber banding and glitches etc. They keep patching it and it keeps getting better. I am playing it on xbox x lots of freinds playing it on the xbox one who are playing the shit out of it. Kotaku would have endless articles about it if it was exclusive to the Playstation. Nice try Morkai.

  • If they were anti-xbox they would have given PUBG a punishing review, it runs like crap on my mate’s X1X.

    Also The only downside is that the patch appears to lock Forza Horizon 3 to 4K/30fps, instead of giving users a 1080p or 1440p option at a higher frame rate.
    So if we patch Forza we are stuck at 30fps? Stuff that.

    Something I’ve been wondering, couldn’t games look better at 1080P than at 4K if they used the extra power to pump up the polygons instead of increase the resolution?

    • That’s kind of what increasing the resolution does, by adding more polygons/pixels into the same amount of space as what you’d fit in a 1080p screen.

      The base textures and assets for most games are already 4K these days (and in instances where they aren’t, they get patches like these where the assets are redone so it’s not an ugly upscale).

      But in general, I’d say it’d depend on what screen you’re on. If you’re playing on a 4K screen, using a native 4K image generally looks better than a 1080p image with a ton of anti-aliasing and post-processing. But every game, every engine, everyone’s settings … there’s a lot of variables.

  • There shouldn’t be any reason to doubt the native 4k support will work, as forza 7 already has this with no worries at all.

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