Game, Set, Match, Burn

Image: Pataki/Twitter

Never change, JB.

We've featured plenty of great JB Hi-Fi quips in the past, from taking digs at Konami to Street Fighter murals to taking the piss out of No Man's Sky. And their latest, courtesy of Sothiis on Twitter, couldn't be more timely.

Located in JB's North Sydney store, Pataki has cleverly given everyone a reason to look at Big Ant's budding tennis title:

The joke's pretty funny too.


    That’s the only way they would sell titles.

    Very funny burn.

    Should have read "Play as Nick Kyrgios and not be a complete twat muffin"

      He sure is, but he makes it interesting.

        I have 3 children that have temper tantrums, not overly interesting. Nor is watching a supposedly grown man behaving like my 4 year old..

          Agree. I especially don't like tennis brats acting like they just got an AIDs diagnoses instead of missing a ball.

    It's one thing to pick on a brand or a game but an actual person, is a little harassing. Not saying he doesn't deserve it but still.

      I'll doubt he'll care while he is counting all his millions

    So there's no realistic mechanics in the game then....? *snigger*

      If it was realistic, you'd injure yourself every time you fell a set down.

        -Fake injury and bow out of first round.
        -Collect winnings.
        -Buy Ferrari.
        -Start GTA minigame and see how many tickets and hookers you can accumulate.
        -Buy multiple loot boxes with remaining winnings.

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