Genital Jousting Is Finally Available In Australia

Image: Genital Jousting / Steam

Days before the game launches out of Early Access, publishers Devolver Digital confirmed that the flaccid, penetrative party game will finally be available in Australia and New Zealand on Steam.

Genital Jousting first appeared on Steam in late November, but has been barred from sale since release. At the time, Devolver told Kotaku Australia that they were "proactively saving ourselves time from a likely ban in those territories based on previous games banned for similar content".

A Reminder That You Still Can't Get Genital Jousting In Australia

Genital Jousting has just gotten a bunch of ... disturbing new modes to celebrate the American summer. Which means it's a great time to remind everyone that the internet's favourite dicks-on-dicks game still isn't available in Australia, at least not officially.

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It's understandable considering the troubles Hotline Miami had in Australia. But ahead of Genital Jousting's proper launch, it seems that Devolver had a change of heart.

The sale of Genital Jousting doesn't mean it's been given the all clear by the Classification Board, mind you. There's no official listing for the game on the board's recent decisions, either for games published by Devolver or in searches for Genital Jousting.

The good news is, if you buy Genital Jousting and it gets blocked off Steam later, you'll still be able to access it in your Steam library. (We know this thanks to a range of Humble Bundles which have sold keys for games that don't show up for Australian accounts, but you can still add those games to your account and download them.)

Genital Jousting is currently selling for $US4.99 and has a 91% user rating from over 2700 reviews. (The price will rise to $US6.99 after launch, Devolver's local reps say.) It's basically a series of mini games involving wiggly, detached dicks, which may or may not be your cup of tea.


    The solution is quite simple. Last I checked their was laws against forced penetration but no laws about forced envelopment. So, we in Australia simply play the game in reverse where the object of the game is to capture the other players penis inside your butt.

    So they're going for a kind of soft launch then?

    /hat /coat /airport

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