Get Both Amnesia Games (Normally $US35) For Free Right Now

Get Both Amnesia Games (Normally $US35) For Free Right Now
Image: Frictional Games

I’m not sure if a nice, summer day is the best time to play the likes of Frictional’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent or A Machine for Pigs. Then again, if you’re easily terrified, maybe it’s the absolute best time… especially if you can snag both, right now, for free.

Over on the Humble Store, you can pick up the Amnesia Collection for zero dollars for the next 16 hours. It includes the following titles:

  • Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent

I realise the word “collection” is a bit of a stretch, considering there’s only two games, but no one’s really in a position to complain, as grabbing it will save you $US35 ($43.16).

Once, uh, “purchased”, you’ll get keys you can redeem on Steam, granting access to the Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the games.

Amnesia Collection [Humble]


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