Grab South Park: The Fractured But Whole For $33

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If you haven't enjoyed the nuclear-sized farts of South Park: The Fractured But Whole, here's a ripper of a discount.

Until roughly lunchtime tomorrow, you can pick up a PC copy of Fractured But Whole through Gamebillet. It's a uPlay key that works for Australia and New Zealand, so gamers across the Tasman can jump on the deal as well.

You can pick up the game for just under $33/~$NZ36, although that price may vary slightly at the time of writing due to currency conversions.

If you missed the new South Park entirely last year, you can brush up on some of our coverage here. We also played the first couple of hours on the Kotaku Australia Twitch channel, which you can rewatch below.


    Is the Aussie version censored like Stick of Truth?

      Nah, it managed to score an R rating and get through uncensored.

      There's an easily available patch for the first game on PC that uncensors it if you haven't got round to playing that one, yet.

        Tbh. The censoring made it rather amusing.

          The crying Koala was definitely funnier than the content it replaced.

            I have to respectfully disagree on that one. I do agree they did a great job of making an unfortunate situation as funny as it could be, but some of the content that was removed (like getting the simon-says game wrong and having Randy face the consequences) made me laugh harder than anything has in a videogame in a long time.

    The price changed once I actually logged in, after making an account. $44.95AUD now.

    Well worth the money. Highly recccomend people pick this game up.

    I managed to pick up a copy at EB Games for $36 over Christmas. So worth it.

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