Happy New Year, Here's A Big Steam Sale

Just in time for you to already be broke, here's a nice little sale to kick you when you're down.

And here is me, enabling your slow sink to the breadline.

Good luck friends. There is a Steam Sale.

And as is customary, here's a few deals that caught my eye as I scrolled mindlessly down the Steam homepage.

• Planet Coaster is 75% off at $US11.24.

• Dark Souls III is 75% off at $US14.95.

• Thimbleweek Park is 30% off at $US13.99 and that game is really cool.

• Transistor is 75% off at $US4.99 and you really have no excuse.

• Pyre is 50% off at $US9.99 and that's one of the best games of the year right there.

But look, you're all grown men and women capable of making your own choices.

(Buy Dark Souls III it's really awesome.)


    Is this just the same sale that's been going on for a couple of weeks now, or are there extra savings?

    The same sale thats been going since before Christmas

    I don't get it? This sale has been going for ages now? Finishes on the 5th.

    Or have they slashed prices? (Doesn't seem like it).

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