Help Me Solve The Mystery Of These Divinity: Original Sin 2 Boots

Help Me Solve The Mystery Of These Divinity: Original Sin 2 Boots

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of those games that’s filled with objects. Each cottage, fortress, tavern and dungeon you come across is loaded with things that you can pick up, move around, equip or sell. Sometimes those things tell a story. Sometimes those stories do not immediately make sense.

In the game’s second act, you arrive in a sprawling region called Reaper’s Coast. Northeast of the town of Driftwood there’s an area called Paradise Downs, which is ironically not very much of a paradise at all. The whole place has been torn apart by a powerful mage, and huge cracks have been rent in the earth. Windmills, farmhouses and stone streets tilt and balance precariously amid newly formed cliffsides.

Amid the wreckage, I happened upon these boots:


If you look carefully, you will see the boots are balanced on a washboard.


I have some questions. Namely:

  • How did the boots get here?
  • Did someone place them on the washboard? If so, why?
  • Why are both objects balanced on the edge of a cliff?
  • Does one even use a washboard to wash boots?
  • If someone was in fact washing the boots with the washboard, where is the tub of water? Were they simply grating a pair of dry boots over a dry washboard?
  • Again, why must this be done so close to a cliff’s edge?

I can only assume that someone placed those boots there for a reason. I cannot fathom what that reason could have been. I’m open to any and all hypotheses.


  • my outlandish theory;

    2x local residents went to the local stream to wash their clothes (its very hard to carry laundry + washing board + soap by yourself) and on the way back home the duo stopped for a break at a nice location.
    While resting one of the residents took off his/her shoes and sat down on the ledge then accidentally fell (or pushed, dun dun dunnn….) into the ravine, the companion of the fallen person freaked out and ran back to town to get help only to be eaten by a dragon half way home thus leaving the boots and washboard sitting there forever.

    im also guessing it will be related to a side quest later on to locate the idiot who fell into the ditch labelled ‘Murphy’s Law’

    but in all honestly NFI lol, if i was a Dev id probably do something like that without a purpose to see how its story gets told by the community?


  • Rather grim, but there is a trend in Japanese TV shows that depict people taking off their shoes before committing suicide by jumping off a building.

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