Here's Three Minutes From The God Of War Story

Image: Youtube / God of War

If you'd like to see how Santa Monica Studio is setting the God of War reboot up, here's three minutes from the game's story.

Fans of the original God of War story are used to Kratos lopping the heads off gods, and just generally being cranky throughout. The reboot is setting itself up much more as a father and son tale, a tale redemption, and the cinematic trailer covers the basics of the opening and what you can expect.

I remember there were plenty of people who didn't have time for Kratos' angry outbursts with the original God of War trilogy, so maybe this will be more up their alley. God of War, the eighth game in the series, is due out on April 20 (same day as Nintendo Labo).


    Looks really good, I just hope it doesnt end up as a game long escort mission lol
    The part where the kid was snatched by (elves?) gave me yoshis island flashbacks of crying baby mario

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