If Halo Weapons Found Their Way Into Destiny 

If Halo Weapons Found Their Way Into Destiny 

This is the Focus Rifle from Halo: Reach remade as a Destiny exotic and it looks right at home in elegant interface of Bungie’s loot shooter.

Image credit: LordTutTut, via Reddit

The mashup was created by Reddit user LordTutTut who's a fan of both games and, like many of us, wanted to see the glory of Bungie's first sci-fi series translated into its latest, more modern series. He even added a quote in line with the cryptic flavour text that accompanies all of the rarest loot in Destiny.

Image via Halo Waypoint

Image via Halo Waypoint

"I was debating between using the Beam Rifle or Focus Rifle, but ended up choosing the Focus Rifle because it's design felt more 'Covenant' to me," he said in an email. "As for the quote, I wanted something that covered Sangheili honour. I also wanted to use a quote from Halo, because I thought that it would work best for flavour text. I ended up choosing Regret's quote, as it seemed to fit well with the other exotic descriptions. It doesn't hurt that the Prophet of Regret is a bad-arse name."

The High Prophet of Regret was one of the Covenant's main leaders in Halo 2 and, without dropping down the Halo lore hole, let's just say he was a weird and twisted dude who liked to cause mayhem from a floating chair.

Who knows, maybe we'll get to see more stuff like this when Halo 6 finally gets revealed to be a games-as-service multiplayer game with its own rare loot.


  • Love the work that has gone into it, but I have one small criticism: Destiny uses Neue Haas Grotesk as its font, so the text looks a bit off.

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