Man Thrilled He Can Name His Kid After Dragon Ball’s Goku

Man Thrilled He Can Name His Kid After Dragon Ball’s Goku

Actors. Musicians. Athletes. People name their kids after all sorts of people, so why not after a Super Saiyan?

[Image: Facebook | Comic Vine]

Last week, Carlos Sanchez took to Facebook with a sign which read that if he got a million likes, he could name his new baby boy "Goku". Currently, the photo has 1.4 million likes.

His wife agreed to hold up her end of the deal, and it's official. The kid's name will be "Goku Sanchez". Congrats!

Or should I say, kamehameha?


  • So she already agreed to name him Goku and then they went for some Facebook likes on top?

    I mean, good for them and all, but you can only like posts and these kinds of things almost always reach the goal.
    (Especially when theirs a resistant party tagged on)

  • should of just called the kid dipshit or something similar.

    Like all the poor 16/17 year olds entering college this year with the name “anakin”.

    Seriously people, why do you do this to your kids? Imagine if your parents had of called you Fat Albert or Inspector Gadget etc.

    Its not cute, its not endearing, its just a kid thats going to grow up with social problems.
    Kids are nasty and while it might be fun while they’re in Kindy, i can assure you by Year 6 – that kid isn’t going to get some serious shit.

    All for facebook likes. Great parenting.

    • Kids will find a way to pick on any name, I don’t think Goku would be any worse than any other name.
      Also I don’t know how big DBZ is with kids these days, so many might not know where it’s from, and those that do might think it’s cool.

      The kid himself shouldn’t have issues with it, I’m fine knowing I was named after an old sci-fi captain. Better than being named after someone who turns out to be an arsehole.

      • is your real name blake? because that it pretty innocuous and relatively common when its comes down to it.

        and i agree, kids will pick on any name, but why paint a big red bullseye on them so you can bask in the glow of your screen with so many clicks of a mouse.

        No matter which way you cut it, these people are seeking attention at the potential cost of their childs future happiness.

        We had a family at school with names like Blade, Storm, River and Leaf.
        Fuck knows where they got the naming convention but i can tell you that i know that two of the 4 changed their names to Geoff and Justin.

        The sisters… cant find them by their old name, so i presume they changed too.

        There are kids called fucking padme at college at the moment.
        Anakin and fucking padme.

        really people. please think.

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