Millie Bobby Brown Just Signed Up For Her Own Sherlock Holmes Franchise

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown is going to play the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes. She's just signed a deal to star in a series of movies based on the Enola Holmes Mysteries novels by Nancy Springer.

Image: Netflix

A character wholly created by Springer, Enola Holmes is the teenage sister of the iconic detective. She also has a knack for solving mysteries, and the six novels in the series, which began in 2006, tell their own stories while also including famous characters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic franchise.

Legendary Entertainment put together the project, and Brown will not only star, but also be a producer. Not bad for a 13-year-old.

No writers or directors are attached yet so it seems like the series is a little ways off from hitting the screen. But the idea of a young, talented actress getting to headline her very own mystery franchise seems like a smart one on all levels. If it works, it could be Legendary's very own Harry Potter. Minus the magic.



    You can only hope the character isn’t as awful as Eurus was in the Sherlock TV show. Damn the show went downhill fast.

    "A character wholly created by Springer"
    Just like my character Steve Skywalker, made him myself.

      Are you accepting movie offers? With cross-overs and "cinematic universes" all the rage, I've been looking for additional characters for my original creation, Bobtimus Prime to meet. He goes on wacky robot adventures while trying to learn human culture from a Cybertronian perspective.

    So I'm guessing this version will avoid making him a cocaine addict as well?

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