Morning, Here's A Brand New Nintendo Direct

Hello everyone.

Normally we get advance notice and might even give you a heads up about a Nintendo Direct. This time Nintendo Direct Mini just happened. In the middle of the night, while we were all sleeping.

Thankfully you can watch it here. There's some pretty awesome announcements. Dark Souls Remastered! Mario Tennis!


    I see many broken switches in the future.

    Nintendo, what the hell. Wheres a Smash Bros?

      Gotta keep something for the pre e3 direct. I'm personally hoping it's Pikmin 4.

    Urgh. More ports of Warriors and DKC.

      To be fair, DKC:TF is truly fantastic yet sold like crap. There's eleventy billion people yet to experience it.

      Warriors got the 3ds, so yeah, plenty of exposure there. Still loads of fun though.

        I understand the business ideology behind it. Nintendo would be crazy not to port a fantastic game that was under appreciated on a system that sold poorly.

        As someone that has already played through it already though, I just want to see something different.

    For me......Mario Tennis and Dark Souls means I need to get a second Switch. Borrowing my son’s is no longer going to cut it.

    I hope Mario Tennis is glorious. I’m super pumped about this.

    DKTF is a great game that I will also get even though I played the crap out of it on the Wii U.

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      Mario tennis looks interesting (for a change).

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    The Nintendo Direct Mini was awesome and man I’m freaking out with so many games coming to the Nintendo Switch. First up I can’t wait for the Pokken Tournament DX Battle Wave DLC to arrive on the Nintendo Switch. I mean Blastoise arriving as a new playable character count me in I’m ready for any Pokemon battle. Excited to hear that Mario is getting new suits as part of a free update for Super Mario Odyssey. I’m also excited for Mario Tennis Aces coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year. Donkey Kong arriving in Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle Season Pass definitely count me in. I’m even excited to hear that both Wii U games are making a comeback to be on the Nintendo Switch.
    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze and Koei Tecmo’s Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition. Now the remastered version of BANDAI NAMCO and FROM SOFTWARE’S Dark Souls. I’m not sure if it’s a horror game similar to Unreal Engine 4’s Code Vein but when Dark Souls Remastered comes out for the Nintendo Switch later this year. I just hope Dark Souls Remastered arriving on the Nintendo Switch will be an MA15+ rated game but if Dark Souls Remastered is an R18+ rated game then I wouldn’t even bother getting that game. But I am excited for a new Mario Tennis game coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year You’ve done well Nintendo keep those Nintendo Switch units selling and keep up with more third party support. I’m counting on you Nintendo.

    I misread that's Dark Souls Tennis and got briefly excited for the sheer crazy stupid fun then realised it was Mario Tennis AND Dark Souls.

    Dream broken before it ever existed.

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