Nintendo’s Showing Off A New ‘Interactive Experience’ This Morning

Nintendo’s Showing Off A New ‘Interactive Experience’ This Morning
Image: Kotaku / Alex Walker

In about fifteen minutes, Nintendo are going to show off what they call “a new interactive experience” for the Nintendo Switch.

The feature, which will be livestreamed at 0900 AEDT / 0600 AWST / 0830 ACST / 0800 AQST / 1100 NZST, is “specially crafted for kids and those who are kids at heart”. That’s all the information Nintendo’s released, although some have speculated that it might be related to some of the quirkier use cases outlined in the original Switch patents.

The official livestream link is below.

Update (0902): A video has already appeared online for something called “Nintendo Labo”, which is billed as a “new line of interactive build-and-play experiences that combine DIY creations with … the Nintendo Switch”.


  • Ok, I was a bit WTF at first, but I think this is very cool.

    I miss the old Atari 800/Spectrum days when you could easily, even as a kid, make stuff and interface it with your computer to tool around. This opens up a lot of fun.

  • That’s really clever, actually. Adding peripherals to a console (think, Guitar Hero) is expensive to design, expensive to build, expensive to ship, and thus extremely expensive to buy. Being able to leverage motion control on your Joy-cons that are already an essential part of the console, and making them out of cardboard means you can now have all sorts of potential peripherals that are cheap to mass-produce, cheap to ship, and so only slightly expensive to buy lots of. Plus it taps into the whole Japanese tradition of origami.

    Plus, if your kids break it, it’s cheaper to replace.

    • Actually at supposedly $80 for the small pack and $90 for the back pack, its still pretty expensive to replace. Best idea for any parent is to build it and then cover the whole thing in contact paper for books. That and or water proof spray the whole thing.

        • Well yes that is an idea but seeing as my kids would be the only ones in the house that want to play with it an even better idea would be to save the money and not buy it at all 🙂

  • Looks great however the cost is going to be prohibitive for this to really catch on.

    When I saw the cardboard I assumed it was going to be cheap but for US$70-80 it’s a non-starter for me. I know it includes software but the cardboard and stickers themselves are incredibly cheap for them to produce.

    I would love to use this with my son but I feel like it is priced about twice as much as it should be.

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