Of Course There's A Limited Edition Scotch Whisky To Celebrate Final Fantasy's 30th Birthday

Image: Square Enix / Kakaku

Spin my nipple nuts and send me to Alaska! The Ballindalloch-based Glenfarclas distillery has cranked out a special 30-year-old dram just for the folks at Square Enix and its long-lived RPG franchise. You'd think Square would have hit up Yamazaki, but I guess the company has a thing for Glenfarclas' Highland single malt.

Just 303 bottles will be made available, according to a story on Rocket News, with the 700mL of limited edition scotch going for ¥37,000 ($420).

I'm not entirely sure what difference there is between the Final Fantasy drop and Glenfarclas' regular 30-year, other than the fancy label on the front.

If you're wondering what it'll probably taste like, here's a description, courtesy of Dan Murphy's:

Dark amber-gold colour leads to the rich, intense combination of sherried fruit, Christmas spices, peat smoke and dark chocolate. The warm and rich flavours gradually melt into a lingering fruit and nut chocolate feel on the palate. The finish is long lasting and velvety smooth.

Sadly, while the bottles can be shipped internationally, Australia can't join in the fun, due to the "delivery license of DHL". That's what eBay's for, right?

Final Fantasy whiskey, 30 years in the making, is here to celebrate the series' 30th birthday [Kakaku and Rocket News]


    Considering the prices of older Yamazaki's, I doubt there are many Final Fantasy fans who could afford one that's 30 years old

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