One-Of-A-Kind Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Yours For Only $500,000

One-Of-A-Kind Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Yours For Only $500,000

In Tokyo’s Akihabara, Card Shop Spiral sells inexpensive and super expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The priciest one in the shop is Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon. The tag says it’s the only one of its kind in the world.

[Image: saku06s]

One-Of-A-Kind Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Yours For Only $500,000(Image: Otakomu)

[Image: Otakomu]

As noted on Otakomu (via ANN and SoraNews), the card was a prize at the Asian Tournament Championship, explaining why its packaged in a special custom-made case. The card comes with Yu-Gi-Oh! creator Kazuki Takahashi’s signature.

The card’s owner, Saku06s, is displaying the rarity at Card Shop Spiral, where it hopes to attract someone willing to part with ¥45 million ($507,600).

If you think that’s expensive, ANN reports that the original asking price was ¥99.9 billion ($1.1 million). So at ¥45 million ($507,600), this is a steal!


  • Er… ¥99.9 billion is about $1,123,763,191.66 ($1.1 billion) at today’s exchange rate, not $1.1 million.

  • Tournament prize cards are such a cool concept. Nothing like getting unique memorabilia as a prize!

    Here’s a fun fact; some legal cards were, for a significant amount of time, only available as big tournament prizes. One of them was Crush Card Virus, a (at the time) stupidly good card that was incredibly expensive because it was radically overpowered AND only available by winning big tournaments.

    They eventually reprinted all of them in more widely available formats, and Crush Card Virus was so damned good that even the first reprint was about $300 back in the day. When it was a championship card, it was worth literally thousands of dollars.

  • It’s probably a joke, given that it’s just sitting behind glass. Or the shop owner is a regular Soloman Motou…

  • Yeah this is a common tactic by Japanese re-sellers to stop people from asking them to buy something.

    Even if you have a sign that says “NOT FOR SALE” you will inevitably have someone offering to buy it, they put these ridiculous prices because people see that price and go “oh man no way i can afford that.”

    Basically the store doesn’t want to sell it so they set a price thats too high for anyone to consider ever buying it.

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