Our Favourite Aussie Cosplay Photos Of 2017

Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: Scrap Shop Props

2017 was a great year for cosplay.

We featured cosplays from around Australia this year, and were constantly impressed by the standard of crafstmanship shown, from the larger-than-life armour builds to the most simple, yet effective, costumes.

To cap off a fantastic year, here's just a handful of our favourite cosplay photos from across the year, those gems where skilled photography and skilled costuming meet to create a true masterpiece.

Seen any cosplay you like this year? Share it with us in the comments!

Image: BaHzazel. Cosplayer: Cat Kwan
Image: Peegion Photography. Cosplayer: Bianca Stidworthy
Cosplayer: TJ Cosplay. Image by Adam R Thomas
Image: Creed Photography. Cosplayer: Kanaria
Image: Deerstalker Pictures. Cosplayer: Henchwench
Image: BaHzazel. Cosplayer: Kanaria
Image: Cosplay Australia. Cosplayer: Zerebin
Image by Creed Photography. Cosplayer: Bibow Kiyoko
Image: Peegion Photography. Cosplayer: Em Cosplay
Image: SFX Images. Cosplayer: Catroulette
Image by BaHzazel. Cosplayer: Symkae
Image by BaHzazel. Cosplayer: KnRai雷
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: Zalaria
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: Major Sam Cosplay
Image: Steamkittens. Cosplayer: DarkForce Cosplay
Image: Mumei. Cosplayer: gaming_goddess cosplay
Image: Tromac Photography. Cosplayer: Terranous
Image: @henri.pham. Cosplayer: PikaPi
Image: Aperture One Eight. Cosplayer: Bella Black

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    Great roundup. Couple credits missed that I know: Witch Mercy is Zalaria Cosplay, photo by Steamkittens, and the Wolverine by Steamkittens is DarkForce Cosplay.

    The Vergil cosplay is Guzzardi Art & Cosplay, Photo taken by SteamKittens.

    For future Cosplay posts, can you please include the Character?

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