Overwatch Pro Suspended For Saying Gay Rival Would Enjoy Sucking A ‘Fat C**k’ [UPDATE]

Overwatch Pro Suspended For Saying Gay Rival Would Enjoy Sucking A ‘Fat C**k’ [UPDATE]

Dallas Fuel player Félix “xQc” Lengyel has found himself in hot water once again, this time for directing an insensitive insult at a player for the Houston Outlaws, shortly after the Outlaws swept Fuel 4-0 yesterday. Lengyel has been suspended with additional details forthcoming.

Image credit: Dallas Fuel.

During a stream yesterday, Lengyel took issue with Outlaws tank Austin “Muma” Wilmot, who, during yesterday’s Overwatch League broadcast, dropped a notorious line of Lengyel’s – “rolled and smoked” – in reference to his team’s performance against Fuel. Lengyel was upset in part because he didn’t even play in that match.

“That’s fucked up shit,” Lengyel said during his stream, drawing a comparison to a hypothetical traditional sports player yelling at another player while they were benched with a broken arm. “That’s actually fucked up.”

“You didn’t smoke shit,” he added. “Shut your fucking mouth. Go back there. Suck a fat cock. I mean, you would like it.”

Wilmot, who is openly gay, brushed off the comment on his own stream, referring to Lengyel as a “homophobic piece of garbage”. “I’ll just keep winning,” he said.

Yesterday, Lengyel took to Twitter to apologise for what he said on stream. “Everything is so fking trash lately,” he wrote. “Hope I can turn this into something good, sorry @Muma.”

Wilmot, in turn, accepted the apology and apologised back. “You’re on a great team and I fully expect you to return to full force before playoffs. GL my doggie,” he wrote.

It seemed to be water under the bridge at that point, but this morning, Dallas Fuel announced that they will be taking disciplinary action against Lengyel. For now, they have merely said that he won’t be taking part in today’s match, but they added that additional details are “forthcoming”.

In a recent interview with us, Dallas Fuel owner Mike Rufail said he’s intent on letting his players, many of them big personalities such as Lengyel, be themselves. He added, however, that there’ll be consequences for players who go against his team’s code of conduct, which Lengyel clearly did and is serving at least a one-match suspension for.

Update – 22 January 2018, 6:16PM: On the Overwatch League website, Blizzard has specified that Lengyel is suspended for a total of four matches and will be fined $US2000 ($2504).

Dallas Fuel has announced that they’ll uphold Blizzard’s suspension and also bench Lengyel for the remainder of season one’s first stage, which ends on February 10. While Lengyel is suspended, Fuel will offer him “additional resources, focus coaching, physical training, and support” to help him improve.


  • About time. This toxic man child is an embarrassment to the Dallas Fuel, the Overwatch League, and the entire Overwatch community.

    Here’s hoping he stays banned and never again gets to represent at the highest level of competitive play the game offers.

    • Exactly, it’s not only the overwatch community that end up getting more toxic players due to a horrible role model, but it also damages the league and continuity of the game in general. Blizzard is first and foremost a business, and any one professional level player causing IP damage for potential investors should be dissociated from blizzard entirely. It just doesnt make any sense to allow xqc to continue playing if he’s going to keep doing this kind of rubbish.

  • Good. I am so sick of hear that sort of stuff playing Overwatch (or any game for that matter). Anything that goes towards showing gamers it is not ‘cool’ to say things like is good.

      • The thing about free speech is you are free to say whatever you want but you have to be willing to face the consequences of your actions. He is an employee representing not only his team but the Overwatch League itself. In doing so he would have signed a contract and without a doubt there would be numerous clauses waving (so of) their right to free speech. And more precisely say anything that undermines the League.

      • you need to dial up your sarcasm a little more. Its not obvious to people getting comments read to them by this or that virtual assistant .

        • How would u? I mean, it’s text, the deformed text is already a pretty big signal of sarcasm… other than that, nothing much more to do except to ask for people to be a little bit “less dumb”.

  • I really want to like OWL but things like this and the lack of any female players (something that has completely turned my girlfriend off from watching altogether) in any of the teams makes it harder and harder to enjoy.

    • This “lack of female players” is bs
      The ratio of female to male players in overwatch leans towards males heavily, how many females are in the top 500?
      The teams would LEAP at the chance to have a female on their rosters for the gender diversity points.
      The answer that people are afraid to say because theyre scared of being labled sexist is simple… there isnt any female players that are good enough play at the pro level yet.

    • Sorry but I’d hate to see a female make the team just because they’re a female.

      You want the best players playing at the highest level otherwise you bring the game into disrepute as a players ability should be their reason for being picked and not their genitalia.

      If they excluded females from trying out for teams that’s an issue, but you can’t get upset if from the pool of talents males just happened to be the best there.

      Equal opportunity =\= Equal Outcome.

    • “lack of any female players (something that has completely turned my girlfriend off from watching altogether)”

      Your girlfriend won’t watch an event because it currently only has people of the opposite sex to her? That is the very definition of sexest. Imagine the stink that would be made, if a man said the exact same thing about a event that only had women.

      Men, women, who cares if they are the best PEOPLE at that sport/skill.

    • I was thinking about this the other day (while reading Kotaku’s article on it) it does seem that the absence of female gamers in OWL is due to the absence of female gamers at the high level. I do wonder why we don’t just split it up like in traditional sports, Men’s and Women’s league. It gives us that representation we need in eSports without accusations of ‘lowering the bar’, gender discrimination or hiring women just because they are women.
      The typical complaint here is that people wouldn’t watch the women’s league, but I think esports is quite a bit different to athletics. I personally would be curious what strategies would come out of a womens league as well 🙂

      • People said that about women’s AFL and it’s an unmitigated success.
        Women’s 20 20 cricket has gone off.

        In the end it doesn’t matter the gender of the player but the quality of the play as far as most audiences here seem concerned.

        Splitting into gender based teams could raise participation rates though as people do seem to feel more comfortable with their own genders.

  • Professional sports people should know how to act professional. The fact he’s responding so childishly to his own insult being used against him, kind of says everything about why he says it in the first place.

    Side note, OWL management should really hire some sports psychologists to teach these guys how to appropriately process the saltiness associated with losing high profile competitions.

  • The number of people trying to excuse his behaviour in the Twitter threads is ridiculous. He’s supposedly a professional player, it’s time he started behaving professionally. A stand needs to be made against this kind of nonsense.

    • For the most part most pro gamers are over grown man children. I have only really seen the Korean teams act accordingly and that is due to the fact the esports is serious business there and not the freak show that is owl.

      • There are plenty of non-Korean pro gamers who are excellent people, beyond that I take it you don’t speak Korean and certainly aren’t exposed to the details of the Korean pro scenes, or you’d know it has its fair share of “man children”. Remarkable given the attention Kotaku recently gave to Geguri, the Korean girl who was bullied out of the Overwatch pro scene for a time by Korean pro gamers. Claiming ignorance here would only support the premise that you’re plainly uninformed. Overwatch league is hardly a freak show and xQc being an idiot notwithstanding, the biggest controversy surrounding it is probably Sado, a Korean account booster being signed to Philly, with Philly’s staff clearly not doing their due diligence and consequently Sado receiving a 30 game ban (vs. xQc’s 4 game ban).

        Your entire comment is an ignorant generalization and also totally unprompted. In short, settle down with the hyperbole and go and educate yourself instead of spewing nonsense and misinforming people.

        • Oh noes I’m uninformed that cuts me so deep coming from a guest account. Unlike the rest of the internet touchy feels I don’t give a shit what you think of me because I’m a grown man and words on the internet attacking me mean nothing.

          • That looks like you’re getting quite triggered over it though, since you even have to say that you don’t care even if all he did was calling you “uninformed” which is true lol, and the fact that you also use the “guest account” argument, as that makes your point any more valid, now tell me on which logic someone who shows their public name / nickname, or whatever has a better argument than an anonymous guy, from your reaction you look all but a grown man, since you need to establish your position as a “grown man” to a stranger on the Internet who replied once, didn’t reply yet, and probably never will again lol.

  • Shock horror, another streamer acting like a jacked up frat boy.
    These people are role models for lots of young folk. They need to be punished when using what amounts to hate speech.

  • Yeah fuck this guy. He’s acted like trash since well before OWL started and doesn’t deserve to play.

  • Good, he’s a dickhead – toxic behaviour needs to be rooted out if there’s any hope of this appearing “professional”.

  • His actions here echo one of the biggest problems with the Overwatch community: manchildren like this clown don’t know the difference between insulting someone and offending someone.

    Trading insults (aka banter) is a subtle, nuanced artform. Unfortunately those not graced with quick enough wit, like this boy, will overreact and just start screaming offensive remarks, and don’t understand that the first one to get angry is the real loser.

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