Paladins Shamelessly Adds ‘Battlegrounds’ Mode

Paladins Shamelessly Adds ‘Battlegrounds’ Mode

Hero shooter Paladins is adding a new battle royale mode called “Battlegrounds,” an entirely unique addition that by no means is meant to reference any other game.

Paladins already looks a lot like Blizzard’s blockbuster first-person shooter Overwatch. Its all new game mode, showcased by a song that sounds a lot like 2002’s “Headstrong” by Trapt, features an island map where 100 players battle to be the last one standing. The YouTube description for the Paladins: Battlegrounds trailer reads, “Welcome to the first-ever hero-shooter battle royale.”

Announced at Hi-Rez Expo 2018, the mode will drop 100 players onto a big map and, as a fog closes in, players will have to knock out their opponents with weapons they find scattered about. Bombs will drop randomly on certain zones. A major variation is that Paladins champions have class abilities and, in Paladins: Battlegrounds, players will have mounts.

Paladins isn’t the first game to copy-pasta PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which last year, took over the world of PC gaming. Last fall, third-person shooter/fort-building game Fortnite iterated on Battlegrounds‘ premise with a battle royale mode. That mode, which is free, has become wildly popular in the months since its release. 


  • Gotta say, I prefer Fortnite over PUBG, and I don’t mind Paladins on its own (gotta play with yanks to get any decent game in though … APAC scene unsurprisingly light-on).

    I was going to say that Paladins is taking a page out of good ol’ Microsoft’s book … coming to the party a bit late but usually they come too early, abandon their products and then let others make them better. (see VR, Band, Mobile, etc.)

    Instead, I’ll just put this down to a good old fashioned suit saying “I want what they’re having.”

    • You say it jokingly but i could see a mario kart battle royale with 100 people being fun.

      I hope more games jump on the bandwagon of battle royales. I think lots of regular games ive played would be very fun with this type of game mode, i’d like to try a COD, Battlefield, Halo, Destiny or titanfall battle royale

      • haha yeah, I had a run of PUBG recently, the quick turnaround on games can make for some fun times in short bursts, I need to go back 😉

  • A bit surprised they all use the PUBG model of drop zone and closing circle… the lack of gameplay modes or variety is alarming.

    No return to the battle royale mode of start in the one lication like Hunger Games. No checkpoints or objectives, no location trackers. Just a closing cirxle of death.

    Just looting too. No say mob spawn farming or other diversions… an open empty world to loot and be killed in.

    Fortnite success has been able to add variety and updates quicker, its funny that people forget its a base defense zombie game. PUBG failure is keeping to the minecraft model of keeping things small when incoming capital and player base potential should of lead to rapid recruitment and clear design goals and pace. There big asnnouncements have been jumping, new map and xoming to XBox… in which time Fortnite went we could do that and two weeks later had a beta working as well as PubG.

  • What game doesn’t copy an existing one? And paladins was being made well before overwatch


  • So battle royal games are the flavour of the season, I am pretty interested to see what the next big thing a random game company will release to become the new massive thing everyone wants a piece of.

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