Players Are Having Fun With Monster Hunter: World’s Character Creator

Players Are Having Fun With Monster Hunter: World’s Character Creator

Monster Hunter: World‘s character creator isn’t the most realistic or complex one out there, but that hasn’t stopped players from making all kinds of weird avatars.

Using a combination of the game’s anime-looking facial presets and its rich shading system, players have made lookalikes of their favourite celebrities, video game characters, and even avatars that look like energy drinks. Monster Hunter: World also has pets, so people have been making their own cats into the game as well.

As an action adventure game based around poaching big and wondrous creatures and then processing its corpse for everything from food and clothes to giant, totally-not-compensating-for-something weapons, Monster Hunter: World is as much a fashion sim as anything else. But all of that starts with the character creator, and based on some of the stuff people have been sharing online, it delivers.

Players Are Having Fun With Monster Hunter: World’s Character CreatorImage credit: whassupbunhk, via Imgur

Image credit: whassupbunhk, via Imgur

No doubt plenty more will be coming in as people get a chance to start up Monster Hunter: World for themselves. Be sure to share your characters, or any other especially good ones you find, in the comments.


    • 1. Completely unrelated to Destiny.
      2. What’s the point of giving a customisable face to a character you don’t see 90% of the time, in a first-person shooter of all things?
      3. 90% of people select to have their helmet on in a social space, so there’s no point.

      • 1.) It’s related in a way whereby Destiny 2 is at the end of a spectrum of really sucky character creation, whereby FF14 and MonHun have gorgeous facial details.
        2.) For others to look at… in first person.
        3.) They have it on because their faces are ugly in comparison to the aesthetics of the futuristic helmets.

        Destiny 2 does not care about the little details in comparison to MonHun World, as it was rushed despite having an enormous budget.

  • I didn’t, I had restart like 3 times to get it right.

    Also weird how easy it was to accidentally make Mads Mikkelsen.

  • I love it, and the fact that you can change hair and makeup any time during the game is a great addition.

  • the expression will look off no matter what face you make.. even the presets.. I just focus on getting the neutral face looking decent.

    Tried a cross between Moana and shiva from re5.. of course the hair I change to whatever mood I’m in

  • I made mine or atleast tried to make an exact representation of boa Hancock from One Piece idk how to post pics her with my phone.

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