PlayStation Network Keeps Going Down

PlayStation Network Keeps Going Down
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What’s up with the PlayStation Network? For the past week, Sony’s premium online service has been intermittently offline, with users reporting issues playing games, streaming videos, and logging into their accounts.

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The problems appear to have started around January 23, and we’ve gotten tips and seen reports of sporadic outages on almost every day since. Sony has chimed in a few times on Twitter and its status page, and there are big clusters of reports over on, including:

  • 5000 reports on the night of January 26
  • Around 2000 reports on the night of January 28
  • About 1000 reports last night, January 29

What’s the deal? Major online networks do go down every once in a while, but this seems like an unusually long outage period for a service that we all pay for. Sony hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.


  • First in before the xbox trolls, Psn isn’t a very good service, Oh i can do better than that, As a paying customer of PlayStation Network, I can say just how sh*T it is, It’s quite sh*T, Whether your browsing the PlayStation store & the store has to reload like you refreshed a Internet browser losing where you were up to in the lists of games, Whether Psn is dropping messages or not sending them, It’s not my Wi FI! I have Australia’s premium newfangled NBN, Er? Maybe it’s also partly my Wi FI, Psn has no issues with multyplayer online experiences though, It’s just seems to struggle with basic sh*T, I have no idea how this legacy service is going to hold up with the addition of a ps5 to cater for aswell, Also for fucks sake Sony, My transgender mate would really like to change her profile name to her legally changed name, Get with the times already. To those reading this, I apologizes for spelling, Punctuation mistakes &foul language , I’m yet to have my coffee,

    • …and breath out.

      I’m one of those xbox trolls.
      However, my wife ‘was’ diehard playstation – the outages about 2 years back were so phenomenal we stopped playing co-op – every other night it would be shitting itself.

      We bought xbones and have had an outage maybe twice since.
      at one point – wasn’t it the opposite? Really sucks for everyone paying a premium and getting shafted – they dont really say much about why either

      • I had a good time with the xbox 360, Xbox went in another direction i couldn’t stomach. My brother stuck with Xbox, I’d love to be playing co op with him again but i’d more than likely completely abandon console gaming completely than switch back over, Would be nice to see if Microsoft keeps this newfound “gamer first” mentality they’re on lately, If Xbox started putting a dent in Sony’s dominence of the market, Sony might lift their game.

  • Haven’t really noticed other than some hiccups, like the friends list disappearing for a short period intermittently.

  • Haven’t had any issues to complain about in 4 years. The cost for the service seems reasonable to me as well.

  • It’s times like this you really get to see how bad Battlefront 2 is. The game won’t (not can’t.. won’t) let you progress in any way shape or form when offline.
    So much for all the single players out there, it won’t give you bonus’ or upgrades for passing the single player campaign, and you’ll get sick of the limited ‘arcade’ selection.

    When my net went down during the hot spell, I pulled out the Mini SNES and realized how much I miss getting what you paid for, and not being forced into a ‘executive lifestyle funding’ subscription service for every dam product.

    Yes, yes, I know… Why do I play BF2 when I know it’s a horrible game? Well growing up in the 80’s I’m so desperate to live the experience of piloting an ATAT across the plains of Hoth. That when the only Star Wars games come out in the past 10 years to promise that it can be done, I become a 10 year old desperate for nostalgia.

    • As an unfortunate Xbox owner I can say don’t worry happens here too. Though I have heard more vocal complaints about the ps4.
      I’m starting to think at least mine maybe ISP related as friends Xbox gets slow downloads at my place as well but steam downloads fine.

      • FWIW I’ve never had an issue with Xbox as often as I had with PSN. But yeah you have a point – it’s the content or distribution server selection that affects the speed, pausing and restarting a download could cause sudden speed increases. There was a guide on Kotaku a while back where this guy blocked the slow servers and ended up getting consistent speeds.

  • latest software update sure does feel like its interrupted my playstations ability to keep a consistent connection to my router. I’m not sure if thats an accurate analysis but connection speeds constantly drop but thats if it doesn’t lose the connection entirely.

  • Glad I decided not to renew PS+. I think I’ll sell my PS4 and go back solely to PC gaming. Not enough exclusives to bother with it anymore. A lot of xbox stuff is coming to PC now as well, I’m currently loving Forza 7 on PC.

    Although PC entry is not cheap, there are no subscriptions to play online, games are cheaper and you also get a versatile workstation to do streaming, video editing, Cryptomining, the list is pretty much endless.

    • I understand your whole argument but to say not enough exclusives coming out, I’d have to say that’s definitely not the case. Especially comparing to Microsoft at the moment.

  • I remember that big PSN outage during the PS3 era. Thank goodness I prefer to play and continue to play on the Xbox platform.

  • Is this only affecting the US or is it worldwide? I certainly haven’t had any problems the past few weeks. Other than the usual slow downloads, of course, but that’s a constant 😛

  • Only hiccup I’ve had was the Youtube app froze once, which was remedied by closing the app & restarting it. Otherwise it’s been smooth sailing for me.

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