Pop Team Epic Anime Fans React Accordingly 

Pop Team Epic Anime Fans React Accordingly 

If these were any other anime fans, sticking their middle fingers in their air would be considered rude. But these are Pop Team Epic anime fans, so this seems about right.

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Pop Team Epic‘s main characters are famous for flipping the bird.

Explaining why these cosplayers are making the gesture.

This weekend in Tokyo’s Akihabara, retailer Animate gave out Pop Team Epic paper masks to promote the new anime. Here is Animate’s tweet announcing the event and the clone Popuko mask it said would be passed out.

A huge crowd descended, hoping to score the freebie. The crowd was too much for the store to deal with, clogging up the street and footpath. The cops stepped in, and the event was shut down only five minutes or so after it had started.

Here is how the Pop Team Epic fans reacted. Some even sent photos to Animate’s cancellation announcement tweet.


  • HA, bloody hilarious.
    Cant say I ever would’ve imagined a large group of Japanese folks flipping the bird, best part it’s still not being done with malice.
    (And I bet most of the cops got the reference)

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