Razer’s New Wireless Mouse Charges Through The Mousepad

Batteries are a pain in the arse, especially for gaming mice. But what if you charged your mouse through … the mousepad?

It’s called HyperFlux, and it’s basically a way to keep wireless mice powered with the hassle (and weight) of an in-built battery. The Firefly mousepad, which comes with a cloth surface on one side and a hard surface on the other, supplies “indefinite power” to the mouse through a magnetic field.

Apart from not having to worry about charging a battery, a key advantage here is that Razer’s wireless mice shouldn’t be as heavy anymore. The Razer Mamba HyperFlux is quoted at 96g, which is roughly the same weight as a wired Deathadder Elite and a good deal less than the original Mamba.

Another positive, although one that might not be appreciated by people who aren’t pedants when it comes to gaming mice: the Mamba HyperFlux also has a new optical sensor, rather than a laser one. Optical sensors are hands down preferred for gaming, since they have less issues around accuracy and mouse acceleration, but there’s been plenty of good optical sensors flying around for over a decade.

The real breakthrough here is the fancy new wireless tech. The downside is that you’ll pay a high premium to get on board: $US249 to be exact.

Razer’s site says the Mamba Hyperflux and the Firefly mousepad will ship from March, internationally and in Australia. Both have RGB lighting courtesy of Razer’s software suit as well. There’s no price on how much it’d cost to buy the Mamba Hyperflux or Firefly Hyperflux separately yet, though.

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