Razer’s New Wireless Mouse Charges Through The Mousepad

Razer’s New Wireless Mouse Charges Through The Mousepad

Batteries are a pain in the arse, especially for gaming mice. But what if you charged your mouse through … the mousepad?

It’s called HyperFlux, and it’s basically a way to keep wireless mice powered with the hassle (and weight) of an in-built battery. The Firefly mousepad, which comes with a cloth surface on one side and a hard surface on the other, supplies “indefinite power” to the mouse through a magnetic field.

Apart from not having to worry about charging a battery, a key advantage here is that Razer’s wireless mice shouldn’t be as heavy anymore. The Razer Mamba HyperFlux is quoted at 96g, which is roughly the same weight as a wired Deathadder Elite and a good deal less than the original Mamba.

Razer’s New Wireless Mouse Charges Through The Mousepad

Another positive, although one that might not be appreciated by people who aren’t pedants when it comes to gaming mice: the Mamba HyperFlux also has a new optical sensor, rather than a laser one. Optical sensors are hands down preferred for gaming, since they have less issues around accuracy and mouse acceleration, but there’s been plenty of good optical sensors flying around for over a decade.

The real breakthrough here is the fancy new wireless tech. The downside is that you’ll pay a high premium to get on board: $US249 to be exact.

Razer’s site says the Mamba Hyperflux and the Firefly mousepad will ship from March, internationally and in Australia. Both have RGB lighting courtesy of Razer’s software suit as well. There’s no price on how much it’d cost to buy the Mamba Hyperflux or Firefly Hyperflux separately yet, though.


    • Logitech G Powerplay, currently $160 at JB HiFi. Has LED lighting as well.

      Either way, its a practical solution to wireless charging. Large, flat surface, seems a natural fit to double as a mouse pad. No idea if its compatible with the Razer mouse though.

        • Yeah, was thinking about that as well, and its definitely an added cost. The $250 for the razer pad looks to have the mouse as well, so in context to that versus the Logitech option, its not that bad an option, being basically $90 more for the mouse. Which for a Razer mouse is a good price… Is the Razer pad compatible with other wireless charging devices though? That’s the secondary issue for me.

          My main thinking is that a charging pad has uses which will continue to grow over time, but if it can double as something else such as a mousepad, its practical use multiplies. Not only can it be charging devices during the night (eg, pop your mobile on to it when you doze off), but it could be keeping your mouse charged when you’re on your PC.

          Most times I see a charging pad in use, its seems to be on a coffee table, or somewhere out in a living area, where its essentially just a charging pad. Multitasking it seems like such a better idea, and a mousepad seems a no brainer extension of that. So either other devices need to be compatible with the Razer pad, or there needs to be mice compatible with QI pads like (I think) the Logitech pad.

          But good point about the mouse being an added cost.

    • Not really, I don’t move my mouse mat around much, but my mouse is always moving, so the cables on the mouse dont tangle (around the base of my monitor or keyboard).

      I actually brought this up at a trade show many years ago with Logitech reps who said this was in the works (of which they have released). When I mentioned this though, I brought up a bar mat style mat that could charge KB, Mouse, Phone and whatever else is cordless now a days.

      I am still waiting on that kind of setup.

      • it’s much cheaper to get a cable management hole put in your desk, and you’re not limited to choice of mouse.

        or use a wireless mouse that you dock out of the way when you’re not using it for a cleaner look.

        It just seems like a gimmick to me. maybe if it was counter sunk into the desk and didn’t have that hunk of plastic at the top.. but even then the mouse itself better be bloody good for the effort.

      • that bar mat idea is great, 1 cable to manage beats the 4 i currently have running for keyboard, mouse, firefly mousepad and phone.

  • All of my peripherals are still wired because the wires bother me a heck of a lot less than dealing with charging/batteries.

    This tech could maybe get me to buy a wireless mouse, though, so it seems like a cool idea!

    …Probably not going to buy a new mouse until my FK1 dies though and that could be a decade from now :p

  • Would be better if it used a standard QI wireless charing system so you could pop you phone down on it to charge as well

    • My thinking as well. If they were all QI (which seems to be the winner at the moment), then you don’t suddenly need multiple mats for various devices, and remove the cost issue these demand.

      According to Logitech though (so there might be some bias…), apparently QI cant do a surface as big as a mousepad, so ends up being limited. Mousepads that use QI seem to limit the charging area to one corner or another, so I guess there are limitations on what QI can do.

      Pity, it seems to be the standard these days, and multitasking a charging pad as a mouse pad seems a natural fit to me.

  • That is some super cool tech!

    I’d actually buy a wireless mice if it isn’t super expensive, once my Logitech one dies of course =P

  • Once we have a single cord going to the desk & everything wirelessly charges off that then we’ll be talking.

  • So havent really paid attention to the cable free recharge technologies….how energy efficient are they? Does it burn a lot of energy when not charging if left ‘on/plugged in’

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